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by: Kimberly Parsons, Library Communications Assistant



Setting up a group study time with classmates can sometimes require a lot of awkward moments including phone number exchanges and Facebook friend requests. Polk Library has made things stress-free and professional thanks to a new application called GroupFinder, created by UW Oshkosh STEP student David Hietpas.

GroupFinder, which Hietpas developed in the fall of 2010, gives students the ability to reserve four tables and two quiet study rooms right in Polk Library, making it an easy and convenient place to meet. Each of the four tables available for reserve has a name, making it simple to find the correct group of students instead of the usual uncomfortable stares you get from groups that are not your own. The two rooms have a variety of technology available. Students must obtain keys to the rooms at the check-out desk on the 1st floor.

Reserving the space is yet another very simple task that requires students to fill out a quick form online. The link to the form can be found right off the Polk Library homepage. Using the walk-in option is possible as well as long as the room is not reserved.

On average about four to five people use the spaces on a daily basis, with 568 total groups using them since their debut in September. There are a variety of groups that utilize the spaces and also many different students who reserve the rooms for personal use as well. The rooms have also become popular amongst tutors too, giving them an easy way to schedule a quiet place to meet with their students.

Heitpas said the idea for GroupFinder came from the students themselves who were looking for an easy way to get connected with their group members.

“My goal when developing this program was to help students succeed in their study habits by giving them a tool to easily access study groups,” said Hietpas, who now works full time as the library’s Web Developer.

The library hopes to increase awareness among faculty, encouraging them to add the resource to their syllabi to encourage greater engagement among students.

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librarynews on May 15, 2012
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