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Book of the States Archive Available Digitally Online

The Council of State Governments has made The Book of the States digital archive available on their web site. The archive has this publication available from 1935 until 2012.

The Council of State Government has made The Book of the States digital archive available on their web site at The Book of the States is a compendium of information on state Governments throughout the United States.

The 2012 volume for instance is divided into 10 chapters: Ch. 1: State Constitutions; Ch. 2: Federal and Intergovernmental Relations; Ch. 3: State Legislative Branch; Ch. 4: State Executive Branch; Ch. 5: State Judicial Branch; Ch. 6: Elections; Ch. 7: State Finance; Ch. 8: State Management and Administration; Ch. 9: Selected State Policies and Programs Ch. 10: State Pages.  This resource which was once a staple of library reference collections is useful in comparing state governments across many variables related to governance.  The most recent of the Book of the States is available at another web site:

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Watkins, Michael P on April 28, 2014
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