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Art by Erica Possin on Display in Polk

by: Kimberly Parsons, Library Communications Assistant

Polk Library’s newest exhibit in its 1st Floor “gallery” is a series of ten paintings from recent alum, Erica Possin.

The paintings mostly feature wind turbines, objects that are becoming increasingly familiar in rural Wisconsin. Possin’s work challenges viewers to accept the new additions as part of a “new normal.”

“Here in Wisconsin we have beautiful landscapes that center around space and the farmscape,” Possin said, “However, I feel that the traditional landscapes have become cluttered with the utilitarian forms of wind turbines and agricultural structures.”



Her goal is for viewers to think of the manmade structures as interesting and beautiful in their own right, but also very intrusive on traditional ideas as well.

According to Possin’s artist statement, she realizes there is a conflict in the harmony of nature and she is seeking to explore that.

Since her senior show was scheduled in January, Possin said it was unseen by many.  Therefore, she was very interested in showing at Polk to give her paintings a larger audience.  Head of Public Services, Sarah Neises, offered Possin a great space that would allow many students to see her work on a daily basis.

Possin, who graduated this past December with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and a Business minor, is also selling many of the paintings on display. Prices range from $150-$1000.

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librarynews on May 15, 2012
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