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Electronic Reserves have been discontinued. Traditional Reserves can now be found by searching under "Course Reserves (UW Oshkosh)" in Articles, Books & More.

New Website - Where can I find...?

Trying to find a library service on our new website?  Watch our 90 second introduction video on the most highly used services and where they have moved.  If you still need help, Ask A Librarian.


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Find Articles & Journals 0:03
Find Books & Videos 0:08
Find Course Reserves & Search the Website 0:13
Library Accounts - Your Record (Renew Online) 0:24
Borrowing From Other Libraries - UB & ILL 0:33
Collections by Subject 0:40
Research Databases - Library Search Tools 0:49
Ask A Librarian 1:00
Looking for more? 1:10
Still looking for more?  Search the entire website! 1:17
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