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STEP Interns

Since 2009, Polk Library has hired six STEP Web Developer Interns.   Every intern begins with a different set of skills and expertise; all leave a stronger, well rounded developer.  We work side by side with our Interns and provide them with real-world job experience.

We've had great success with the STEP Program and we hope to continue being a part of the program!

Web Developer Interns

Here is a list of Polk Library web development interns; what they've done and the company that hired at right after their internship.


Cody's projects included custom event analytic tracking, Google calendar integration and ISSN Peer Review scripts.   After graduation he was employed by Miles Kimball.


Erica's projects included a 3d mapping of the library.  The 3d map would show you where to go to find your item in the building.  After graduation she was employed by Miles Kimball.


David's projects included the Leisure Reading website and GroupFinder application.  After graduation he was employed by Polk Library.


Alejandro's projects included the Computer Availablity tracking, Mobile Website and Solr Search Engine infrastructure research.  After graduation he was employed by Quad Graphics.


Brian's projects included the EMC Reading Levels, Guided Search Builder and the Computer Availability applications. After graduation he was employed by ImproMed.  He recently left ImproMed and started at the EAA museum.


Nick's projects included redesigning our mobile presence and creating software for our touchscreen kiosk.  After graduation he was employed by Epic Systems.


More information on Web Developer Student Jobs at Polk.

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