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Library Instruction Request

If you're a UW Oshkosh instructor and wish to schedule a session (or multiple sessions!) for your class, please fill out the online request form and submit it to us. The Library Instruction Coordinator, Marisa Finkey will contact you either by phone or email.

  • Please use a single form when scheduling multiple sections of the same class for the same day.
  • Sessions can take place either in your classroom, or within the library. Librarians are flexible to the needs of your class as well: we can meet with your class for shorter periods of time, multiple times per semester, or for the entirety of your class period. We strongly recommend working with the librarian to tailor the needs to your class and assignments.
  • General library sessions consist of instruction on how to perform basic research. This may include an overview of research definitions, techniques, and principles, demonstrations and hands-on activities using our electronic databases and/or Search@UW, and instruction on using specific library services such as Universal Borrowing and Interlibrary Loan.
  • The instruction program also provides sessions related to specific information literacy concepts. This can include evaluating information, using sources, power searching using Google or Google Scholar, and much more.
(You may want to mention specific databases such as CINAHL, ERIC, PsycInfo, etc.)
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