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How do I get stuff from another UW System Library?

Getting stuff from another UW System Library

Use UW Request!

With a typical delivery time of 2-5 days, UW Request is the fastest way to get books and other circulating items that you can't get from Polk Library.   With UW Request, you have access to the materials in the libraries of all 26 of the University of Wisconsin System Universities.

So how do I use UW Request?

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Get Materials

  • You will be notified of the arrival of your requested items by campus e-mail. Items usually arrive in 1 - 5 days. The item will be held for you at the circulation desk of Polk Library. You will have 10 days to pick up your requested items.
  • Important: To check on the status of your requests, including whether they have been accepted, are in transit, etc., log on to Your Record from the Polk Library Catalog.
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