How to use Nexis Uni

What is Nexis Uni? 


Nexis Uni is an academic database, formerly known as Lexis Nexis Academic, which is a tremendous resource particularly for Business (Company

profiles, financials, reports, analysis, industry information) and legal research (patents, lawsuits, cases, etc.).


How to Get to Nexis Uni

  1. Go to the Online Library at
  2. Click "Databases" (located below the primary search box in the middle of the screen).
  3. Scroll down the alphabetical list (or click 'L' from list) and click Lexis Nexis- Nexis Uni. Log in with your college login and password.
  4. Note: in order to save searches, set search alerts, save documents to a folder for later use, or to share documents with others, you will need to register for the free Nexis Uni Account. You can do this at any time using the "Sign In / Register" link in the top right of any page within the database.


 Cases and Statutes


Searching for cases (state, federal, Supreme Court) -- scroll down page for Statutes info--



Once you're in Nexis Uni, click "Cases" in lower left under the Guided Search area to search for a legal case (or cases about a certain topic).

Use the search box to the right of "Which Jurisdiction?" (do not use the larger, main search box). For state case law, you'll also be asked to

enter in a state name. 


Jurisdiction option



Advanced Searching: 

Search for cases and in specific legal journals by using the Advanced Searching feature. This will allow you to search in specific fields

such as the title, headline, or publication field. 


Nexis Uni Advanced Search









If you have a case citation (e.g. 159 U.S. 533) or title (e.g. Smith v. Jones) 


Select the Jurisdiction and enter the citation in the search box (under "...about"), and click Search.


Statutes and Regulations

Use the Main search box and also click the "All Nexis Uni" option to the right of that search box. Select "Statutes and Legislation" from the Category list of options. You can also click the "Jurisdiction" tab to limit by State or Circuit.


All Nexis Uni and category options

 Law Reviews


Searching for law review articles on a certain topic


Underneath the Guided Search area (lower left) on the front page, click "Law Reviews". 


Guided search law reviews


Enter your search, just as you would in any database, using the search box to the right of the Law reviews option (do not use the larger, main search box). 




Searching for Company Information

The best way to locate detailed company information (including financials and the ability to generate reports based on specific criteria) is to click the "Business" image icon in the lower left, under the Discover Topics section.


Company search business icon



On the next page, click the 2nd "Company Dossier" link option to search by company name, ticker symbol, etc. and then view a

wide variety of information about that company, and generate financial reports.


Company Dossier link