Dissertations & Theses

There are a couple of options for access to dissertations and theses at Polk Library, depending upon the institution which awarded the degree. Dissertations and theses NOT produced by students at UW-Oshkosh or within the UW System may be accessed through the database Dissertations & Theses. Let's take a brief look at how to access and use the Dissertations & Theses database.


Accessing and using Dissertations & Theses

From the homepage of the library website, select "Dissertations & Theses Full Text" from the "Research Databases" dropdown menu, or click on this link to be taken directly to the database:

Accessing Dissertations and Theses


You will now be presented with the main search screen, which operates similarly to many of the other databases to which Polk Library has access. You may enter in your search terms or phrases (highlighted in red), and limit in the dropdown menu by author, institution, subject, and more (highlighted in green):

Main search screen


Once presented with the results screen, you may either access the article in PDF full text if available (highlighted in red), or view the abstract or citation (highlighted in green):

Results screen


Accessing UW System-produced theses available digitally:

To find theses produced at UW Oshkosh or another UW System school, you may access them digitally (online) using Search@UW. To access a thesis digitally, begin from the homepage of the library website, and change the dropdown menu from "Everything" to "UW Digital Collections" (highlighted in red):

Searching for dissertations Search at UW


If you know the title of the thesis for which you're looking, enter it into the search box, then click the "Search" button. On the next screen, your results will display. To access it, simply click on the title, or the "Online Access":

Accessing a dissertation digitally


Accessing UW Oshkosh-produced theses available in print:

To determine if a thesis is available in print in Polk Library, return to the library homepage, and begin a new search. Change the dropdown menu from "Everything" to "Books & Media (UW Oshkosh)", and enter in the title of the thesis for which you're looking:

Finding dissertations in print in the library


On the results screen, note the area (highlighted in red) which provides the area in the library in which the thesis is held, and the call number. Generally, there are two copies of a thesis available in Polk Library, one will be located in the Archives (as in this example), and one will be in the main collection. Some theses, however, will be available only in the Archives.

Results screen when finding a dissertation in print