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United States Sources

United States Census Bureau Home Page
This is the Census Bureau's portal, which includes links to online population, demographic, and economic data (tables and pdf documents)including current and historical information.
Fedstats provides quick access to U.S. government statistics of all kinds from over 100 government agencies.
National Center for Education Statistics
The National Center for Education Statistics provides data in downloadable tabular format (online and pdf) from all levels of education, including school district enrollment, entrance test scores, graduation rates and statistics covering all aspects of education in the United States.
Bureau Of Justice Statistics
This site offers statistics related to the criminal justice system in the United States at all levels, including law enforcement; crimes and victims; criminals; courts and sentencing; corrections (probation and parole, jails, prisons, correction populations); and justice expenditures.
National Center for Health Statistics
This web site, maintained by the Centers for Disease Control, provides vital and health related statistics collected by health and health related agencies of the United States.
United States Historical Census Browser - University of Virginia
This web site provides access to the historical decennial censuses from the United States.
Immigration Statistics
This site, maintained by the Department of Homeland Security, provides access to immigration statistics in Excel and pdf formats.
Historical U.S. Statistical Abstracts
This site provides access to pdf versions of the annual publication of the Statistical Abstract of the United States going back to 1878. The site also provides access to the pdf version of the Bicentennial Edition: Historical Statistics of the United States, Colonial Times to 1970.
Bureau of Transportation Statistics
This site, maintained by the United States Department of Transportation, provides statistics on all forms of transportation in the United States.
National Agricultural Statistics Service
This site of the U.S. Department of Agriculture provides statistics related to agriculture in database format and as pdf publications. It includes information on both the state and national levels.
U.S. Military Statistics DMDC
This site provides procurement and personnel statistics for the military services of the United States.
Energy Statistics - Energy Information Administration
This site, maintained by the Energy Information Administration, provides statistics on all forms of energy used in the United States. Most data on this site is provided in downloadable tabular format.
DataFerrett for the DataWeb
This site, a cooperative venture of the Census Bureau and the Centers for Disease Control, provides online software that allows the user to manipulate raw data files. The site has raw data files available for manipulation from many different federal agencies.
International Database (U.S. Census Bureau)
This database, provided by the Census Bureau, provides access to population and demographic data for the counties of the world.
International Statistics
This site, maintained by the Census Bureau, has links to the census web sites of most of the nations of the world.
Historical Decennial Census
This site provides access to selected historical decennial censuses conducted in he United States since 1790.
County and City Data Books
This web site, presented by the University of Virginia library, provides online access to the County and City Data Books.
County and City Data Book 2007
This site, hosted by the Census Bureau, provides access to the 2007 and 2002 County and City Data Books.
Overview of Economic Statistics Program
This site provides web access to economic and business statistics gathered by the Census Bureau for use by businesses and local and municipal governments.
CIA World Factbook
The CIA Factbook provides a snapshot of current information about the nations of the world.
Country Studies
The Library of Congress hosts this web page with Country Studies/Army Area Handbooks, which were created for military personnel serving in foreign countries. There are 72 handbooks in this collection.
Portals to the World - Library of Congress
The Library of Congress has put together this site which has links to web sites containing information about the nations of the world.
This database provides statistics about issues related to children and families in the United States.
County Business Patterns
This site provides access to the pdf versions of this former print publication. The most current information (after 2004) can be retrieved in tabular format that is customizable from a searchable database.
DOE Data Explorer
This site provides access to statistics and data that are collected and reported on by the United States Department of Energy.
NCES Datalab
Datalab allows usere to create customized data tables from among the many raw data sets compiled by the U.S. Department of Education.
Historical Census of Population and Housing
This is a link to the online historical Decennial Census of Population and housing dating back to 1790.
National Historic Geographic Information System
The National Historical Geographic Information System (NHGIS) provides, free of charge, aggregate census data and GIS-compatible boundary files for the United States between 1790 and 2011. (excerpt from web site)
Federal, State and local governments—Census of governments
This site created by the United States Census Bureau provides access to the 2012 Census of Governments, government employment and payrolls, government finance statistics, lists & structure of government, tax statistics, pension systems and more.
National Center for Special Education Research
This site provides links to publications with statistics and data pertaining to Special Education in the United States.
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