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International Sources

UN Statistics Division
This site is the portal to the United Nations Statistics Division that provides information for all nations of the world.
United Nations Demographic Yearbook
This site provides online access to this publication of the United Nations, listing demographic statistics for all the countries of the world.
Yearbook of the United Nations
This site provides access to the current and historical annual yearbook of the United Nations.
OFFSTATS - Official Statistics on the Web (International)
The University of Auckland provides access to free online statistics from throughout the world.
FAO Stat
This is the FAO's online statistical database.
This is the European Union's web portal for statistics.
Human Development Reports (U.N.)
This site provides statistics from the United Nations Human Development Reports.
Food and Agriculture Organization Statistics
This is the FAO's web portal to relevant statistics from throughout the world.
UN Comtrade
This is the United Nations database on international trade.
This site maintained by the International Labour Organization provides statistics on employment, unemployment, hours of work, wages, and labor costs for countries throughout the world.
This is a meta search engine for all of the data compiled by the United Nations.
National Accounts Aggregate Database
Thhis is a compendium of national accounts information from nations throughout the world compiled by the United Nations.
Monthly Bulletin of Statistics
This is a compendium of monthly statistics gathered by the United nations form Countries throughout the world.
Key Indicators of the Labor Market
This site maintained by the International Labour Organization provides access to twenty key labor market indicators for the countries of the world.
UNESCO Institute for Statistics
This site provides cross-national comparisons of statistics on education, science and technology, culture, and communication for more than 200 countries and territories.(taken from UNESCO web site)
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