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Wisconsin Sources

Wisconsin Historical Society
This is the official agency responsible for the preservation of the historical record of Wisconsin. It is located on the campus of the University of Wisconsin-Madison.
UW Oshkosh Archives and Area Research Center
This is the official repository for records from UW Oshkosh, historical government records from Dodge, Marquette, Winnebago, Green Lake and Fond du Lac counties, and other collections from local area history.
Wisconsin Legislative Reference Bureau Publications
The Wisconsin Legislative Reference Bureau provides legislative policy and issue papers of current interest.
Wisconsin Legislative Fiscal Bureau
The Wisconsin Legislative Fiscal Bureau provides papers on the fiscal impact of legislative initiatives.
Wisconsin Legislative Audit Bureau
The Wisconsin Legislative Audit Bureau provides reports on the fiscal impact of legislation, and program evaluation and review as part of its legislative oversight.
University of Wisconsin Digital Collections
This is a collection of historical digital material consisting in large part of a collection of historical Wisconsin documents.
This site provides video coverage of some sessions of the Wisconsin Legislature and also proceedings of the Appellate Courts of Wisconsin. The site includes a video archive.
Wisconsin Law Archive
This site provides access to the acts passed by the Wisconsin State Legislature (current and an archive back to 1969-70)and an archive of the Wisconsin Statutes (back to 1969-70)and the Wisconsin Constitution in pdf format is provided going back to 1990.
Wisconsin Digital Archives
This site presented by the Wisconsin Documents Depository Program provides a database of digitized Wisconsin Government Information.
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