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International Sources

EPER European Pollutant Emission Register
This is the European counterpart to the United States' Toxic Release Inventory.
United Nations Environment Programme
This web site is the portal for the United Nations Environment Programme.
United Nations Environment Programme Resource Kit
This web site is designed to serve as a central repository where users may retrieve resources produced by UNEP. Available information includes technical guidelines, clearinghouses, trainer manuals, databases, CD-roms, publications and other useful tools.
Europa - Environment
This is the environmental web portal of the European Union.
Environment Canada
This is the environmental web portal for Canada.
World Health Organization Public Health and Environment
This web site of the World Health Organization provides information pertaining to how the environment affects the health of citizens.
Human Development Reports (U.N.)
This site provides statistics from the United Nations Human Development Reports.
Encyclopedia of Earth
This site maintained by the Environmental Information Coalition provides a free collection of scholarly, peer-reviewed articles about "earth, its natural environments, and their interaction with society".
Great Lakes Information Network
The GLIN is a comprehensive site about the Great Lakes, including related environmental issues.
Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
The IPCC which has been in existence for twenty years provides information on climate change issues including presentations, power point slides, and publications, many of which are available here on their web portal online.
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