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Local Government Local governments
This site, which is the official search engine for the United States government, provides links to web sites on state and local government in the United States.
State & Local Government on the Net
This web site serves as a directory for state and local government throughout the United States.
WebIndex - Wisconsin Cities, Towns, and Villages
This is the state of Wisconsin's information portal to the web pages of Wisconsin municipalities.
Municipal Codes City of Oshkosh
These are the official codes in force for the city of Oshkosh.
National Conference of State Legislatures
This is the web portal to this national non-profit organization/association which provides a forum where policy issues among the legislatures are compared and discussed.
State Labor Market Information Directory
This site is an index to the labor market information provided by the state governments of the United States.
Wisconsin Government - YAHOO Sites
This site provides links to several Wisconsin agencies and sites with information pertaining to Wisconsin government.
Wisconsin Blue Book on the Web
Check out the web version of this popular print publication. You can view biographies of our senators and representatives, get information on state agencies, legislative committees and much more.
East Central Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission
This is the web portal for the East Central Wisconsin Planning Commission which is the official comprehensive planning agency for this part of the state.
League of Wisconsin Municipalities
This is the web site for the LWM which is a private non profit agency that provides advice for Wisconsin Municipalities.
Web page for the city of Oshkosh.
Web portal for the city of Appleton.
Web portal for the city of Neenah.
Fond du Lac
Web portal for the city of Fond du Lac.
National Association of Counties
This is the web site of NACO, a non-profit organization/association of counties throughout the United States.
Winnebago County
This is the web portal for Winnebago County, Wisconsin.
Outagamie County
This is the web portal for Outagamie County, Wisconsin.
Green Lake County
This is the web portal for Green Lake County, Wisconsin.
Dodge County
This is the web portal for Dodge County, Wisconsin.
Marquette County
This is the web portal for Marquette County, Wisconsin.
Waushara County
This is the web portal for Waushara County, Wisconsin.
Fond du Lac County
This is the web portal for Fond du Lac County, Wisconsin.
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