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Selected Children's & YA Nonfiction Books with Musical Themes

African Roots , by Jerry Silverman
EMC: Non-fiction 781.6296 A258

Ah, Music! , by Aliki
EMC: Non-fiction 780 A399a

All of You was Singing , by Richard Lewis
EMC: Non-fiction 299.72 L675a

Black Cat Bone , by J. Patrick Lewis
EMC: Non-fiction 781.64 L675b

Black Music in America , by James Haskins
EMC: Non-fiction 781.6296 H351b

Blues Fiction , by Walter Dean Myers
EMC: Non-fiction 811.54 M996b

The Blues Singers: 10 Who Rocked the World , by Julius Lester
EMC: Non-fiction 920 L642b

De Colores: and other Latin-American Folksongs for Children , by Jose Luis Orozco
EMC: Non-fiction 781.62 O74d

Gonna Sing My Head Off: American Folk Songs for Children , by Kathleen Krull
EMC: Non-fiction 782.42 G639

I Can Be a Musician , by Rebecca Hankin
EMC: Non-fiction 780.23 H241i

Kids Can Press: Jumbo Book of Music , by Deborah Dunleavy
EMC: Non-fiction 780 D921k

Made in Mexico , by Peter Laufer
EMC: Non-fiction 787.87 L373m

Musicians of the Sun , by Gerald McDermott
EMC: Non-fiction 398.2 M148m

Outlaws and Outcasts , by Jerry Silverman
EMC: Non-fiction 781.6296 O94

Perfect Harmony: A Musical Journey with the Boys Choir of Harlem , by Charles R. Smith
EMC: Non-fiction 811.6 S644p

Play Me a Story: Nine Stories about Musical Instruments , by Naomi Adler
EMC: Non-fiction 398.357 A237p

Ragtime Song and Dance , by Jerry Silverman
EMC: Non-fiction 781.6296 R144

Reader's Digest Children's Songbook , by William L. Simon
EMC: 784.624 R286

The Rhythm and Blues Story , by Gene Busnar
EMC: Non-fiction 784.53 B979r

Rock Voices , by Matt Damsker
EMC: Non-fiction 784.5 R682

Say it Out Loud: The Story of Rap Music , by K. Maurice Jones
EMC: Non-fiction 782.42 J77s

Science of Song and Music , by Shar Levine
EMC: Non-fiction 534 L665s

Slave Songs , by Jerry Silverman
EMC: Non-fiction 781.6296 S58

Song Shoots out of my Mouth , by Jaime Adoff
EMC: Non-fiction 811.6 A239s

This is My Song: A Collection of Gospel Music for the Family , by Vy Higginsen
EMC: Non-fiction 782.42 T448


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