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Recommended Special Education Lesson Plan Resources

Disabilities and Special Education
Sections of this resource include special education lesson plans, lesson plans about people with disabilities, resources for inclusion, ADD/ADHD, visual impairments, intellectual disabilities, etc.
The Gateway to 21st Century Skills
"The Gateway has been serving teachers continuously since 1996 which makes it one of the oldest publically accessible U.S. repositories of education resources on the Web. The Gateway contains a variety of educational resource types from activities and lesson plans to online projects to assessment items." (description from the Gateway website)
Intervention Techniques from the University of Virginia
Research-validated methods for teaching academic and social skills to students with disabilities.
Lesson Plans and Resources for Teaching Gifted and Talented Students
Lesson Plans for Special Education: Personal & Physical Health
Twenty-eight lesson plans covering such topics as self-esteem, friendship, assertiveness, communication, understanding the body, reproduction, etc.
Special Education Lessons from Teacher Planet
A selection of Teacher Planet's top rated special education lesson sites.
Marc Sheehan's Special Education/Exceptionality Page
An extensive list of special education resources including lesson plans.
Social Skills for Middle School Students
Lessons related to self-esteem, skills in the classroom, using self-control, expressing empathy, netiquette, following directions, etc.
Special Education Lesson Plans from
Lesson plans, unit plans, reading worksheets, & holiday printable worksheets and activities.
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