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Recommended Special Education Lesson Plan Resources

Disabilities and Special Education
Sections of this resource include special education lesson plans, lesson plans about people with disabilities, resources for inclusion, ADD/ADHD, visual impairments, intellectual disabilities, etc.
Intervention Techniques from the University of Virginia
Research-validated methods for teaching academic and social skills to students with disabilities.
Lesson Plans and Resources for Teaching Gifted and Talented Students
Lesson Plans for Special Education: Personal & Physical Health
Twenty-eight lesson plans covering such topics as self-esteem, friendship, assertiveness, communication, understanding the body, reproduction, etc.
Special Education Lessons from Teacher Planet
A selection of Teacher Planet's top rated special education lesson sites.
Marc Sheehan's Special Education/Exceptionality Page
An extensive list of special education resources including lesson plans.
Social Skills for Middle School Students
Lessons related to self-esteem, skills in the classroom, using self-control, expressing empathy, netiquette, following directions, etc.
Special Education Lesson Plans from
Lesson plans, unit plans, reading worksheets, & holiday printable worksheets and activities.
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