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Physical Education Lesson Plans

Highly Recommended

Physical Education Central - Health and Physical Education Lesson Plans
Provides the latest information about developmentally appropriate physical education programs for children and youth.

More Recommended Lesson Plans & Activities

Hot Chalk Lesson Plans Page
A very big database of over 4,000 lesson plans, many pertaining to physical education.
PE Universe
This resource provides a space for physical educators to share their ideas, activities & lessons. Includes a variety of videotaped activities.

Other Physical Education Resources

Adapted Physical Education from PE Central
Useful information for teachers of students with disabilities.
PBS LearningMedia
"PBS LearningMediaâ„¢ provides educators with strategies, tools, and professional development resources needed to fully utilize digital learning." (Description taken from the PBS website.)
SHAPE America
"SHAPE America's mission is to advance professional practice and promote research related to health and physical education, physical activity, dance, and sport." (Description taken from the website.)

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