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K-12 Standards: Local, State, and National


  • Appleton Area School District
  • Oshkosh Area School District

  • Wisconsin Model Academic Standards

    Civics and Government

    • Reference Books in Polk Library

  • National Standards for Civics and Government
    EMC Ref. LB1584 .N37 1994 [current edition]
  • Web Resources

  • Center for Civic Education: National Standards for Civics & Government
  • Economics


    Reference Books in Polk Library

  • ESL Standards for Pre-K-12 Students
    EMC Ref. PE1128.A2.T435 1997 [current edition]
  • Fine Arts: dance, music, theater, visual arts

    Web Resources

  • National Standards for Arts Education
  • Foreign Languages

    Web Resources

  • American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages
  • Geography

    Reference Books in Polk Library

  • Geography for Life: National Geography Standards
    EMC Ref. G72.G46 1994
  • Web Resources

  • National Geographic Society
  • History

    Reference Books in Polk Library

  • National Standards for History
    EMC Ref. D21.N2582 1996 [current edition]
  • National Standards for United States History
    EMC Ref. E175.8.N258 1994 [current edition]
  • National Standards for World History
    EMC Ref. D21.N3 1994 [current edition]
  • Web Resources:

  • National Center for History in the Schools
  • Information Literacy

    Reference Books in Polk Library

  • Information Literacy Standards for Student Learning
    EMC Ref. Z711.2.I49 1998 [current edition]
  • Language Arts

    Reference Books in Polk Library

  • Standards for the English Language Arts
    EMC Ref. LB1576.N274 1996 [current edition]
  • Mathematics

    Reference Books in Polk Library

  • Principles and Standards for School Mathematics
    EMC Ref. QA13.P737 2000 [current edition]
  • Web Resources

  • National Council of Teachers of Mathematics
  • Physical Education

    Reference Books in Polk Library

  • Moving into the Future: National Physical Education Standards
    EMC Ref. GV443.N258 1995 [2nd edition on order]
  • Science

    Reference Books in Polk Library

  • National Science Education Standards
    EMC Ref. Q183.3.A1 N364 1996 [current edition]
  • Web Resources

  • Next Generation Science Standards
  • Revised June 2015, SK

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