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Arts And Creativity
Early Childhood
Encyclopedias and Reference
ESL & Foreign Language
Language Arts
Physical Education and Anatomy
Problem Solving Skills
Social Studies
Special Education

Arts and Creativity

A to Zap, MAC CD-ROM, Grades Pre K-1
As young children explore they learn about letters, numbers, and words. Dynamic children's voices, full-color animations, number and "yummy" games, and other fun filled activities bring students into a world of sight and sound where learning is exciting. LB 1525.65 .A76 1995

The American Girls Premiere, MAC/WIN CD-ROM, Grades 3-7 Create your own live action plays that bring your favorite characters from The American Girls Collection to life. Choose the scene, add props, cast the play, add music, lighting, and sound effects, direct the action and make the characters talk. PN 6119.9 .A537 1998

Art Rage Deluxe, MAC/WIN CD-ROM, Grades 5-12
Paint, blend, sketch and draw on your computer.
NC740.A78 2007

EarMaster, MAC/WIN CD-ROM, Grades 5-12
Teaches music, music theory, audio discrimination, rhythm, notation.
MT35.E27 2008

Flip Boom Classic, MAC/WIN CD-ROM, Grades 1-12
Flip Boom Classic is ideal for children who want to start creating animation in seconds.
TR 897.7.F43 2008

Fun With Architecture, MAC/WIN CD-ROM, Grades K-3
Fun with Architecture provides children with a set of designs that they can put together using a mouse to make a virtual building. The shapes can be textured to look like stone, brick, or wood, and they can be rotated or made bigger or smaller. It also features a text-based introduction to architecture; chapters on different styles are linked to appropriate building templates.
NA 2555 .F8 1997

JumpStart Music, MAC/WIN CD-ROM,
Grades 1-4 Children will be introduced to the exciting world of music by playing exciting arcade-style games as they learn about melody, harmony, notation, musical scales and more.
M T1 .J84 1998

Kid Pix Studio Deluxe, MAC/WIN CD-ROM, Grades K-8 This program gives kids six unique painting, drawing, and animation projects to select from. With wacky tools, 2,500 stamps, over 1,200 graphics, cool sounds, special effects and much more, kids have all the fun tools they need to explore their creativity!
NC 740 .K44 1998

My Violin, MAC/WIN CD-ROM, Grades 1-12
Learn how to tune and play the violin.
MT260.M9 2009

Rodney's Wonder Window, MAC/WIN CD-ROM
24 interactive episodes of creative art and sounds that are fun for the whole family. From the "Probe and Poke Pet Shop" to the mating habits of the elusive "tooli bug" the fun never stops.
GV 1469.25 .R6 G7 1992

With Open Eyes, MAC/WIN CD-ROM, All Grades
Get a personalized tour of over 200 works of art from The Art Institute of Chicago's enormous collection! Spectacular full-screen pictures, accompanied by audio clips, make it possible for viewers to get close to an Egyptian mummy, a Japanese kimono, or a Picasso portrait.
N 530.W58 1995

Early Childhood

Big Thinkers Kindergarten, WIN CD-ROM, Grades Pre K-1
Ben and Becky Brightly, the twins of learning and laughter, create ways for your child to master the lessons essential to success in first grade.
LB 1169 .B5 1997

Encyclopedias & Reference

The American Indian a multimedia encyclopedia : from pre-European contact to the early 20th century--the history and culture, words and images, legends and leaders of the Native Americans, MAC/WIN CD-ROM,Grades 9-12
The American Indian Multimedia Encyclopedia contains detailed informationabout 150 North American tribes. On-screen menus allow the user to explore amillennium of Native American culture, history, legends, and leaders. There aremore than 1,000 drawings, photographs, maps, articles, and video clips ofauthentic songs and customs. Much of the historical text and many of thepictures are from the National Archives and serve as excellent primary sourcematerial. The articles include information on tribal locations, addresses, intertribalrelations, contacts with settlers, relations with the U.S. government,migrations, wars, and lifestyles.
E 76.2 .A43 1996

Encarta Africana Encyclopedia, WIN CD-ROM, Grades 9-12
Microsoft Encarta Africana 2000 is the definitive source on Black history and culture. Encarta- the world's #1 multimedia reference brand-and co-editors from Harvard University's African and Afro-American Studies Department have joined together to create a multimedia encyclopedia that explores the world of black history and culture in-depth, from Africa to North America, Latin America, the Caribbean and Europe providing the best user experience through technology-driven innovation.
DT 14 .M527 1993

Encyclopedia of Our Living Oceans, MAC/WIN, Grades 2-5 Marine resource includes articles on the history of oceanography, marine ecosystems and marine biodiversity. Uses videos, photos, text and interviews with marine specialists
G C9 .E2 1999

Mrs. Murphy's Media Center, MAC/WIN CD-ROM, Grades 2 & up
Mrs. Murphy's Media Center teaches students about the many types of materials available in a media center, how to find them, and how to use them. There are a total of 26 lessons in the program's seven sections.
Z 675.S3 M75 1996

Small Blue Planet, WIN CD-ROM, Grades 4-12
This is the real picture, interactive exploration atlas! Tour USA and world political and topographical maps. Chromosphere, a time and season map is also included.
G 1021 .S56 1993

ESL & Foreign Language

Mulitple Languages

KidSpeak 10 in 1 Language Learning, MAC/WIN CD-ROM, Grades 1 & up
KidSpeak helps children identify letters and sound combinations, numbers and number sequences, and everyday vocabulary in 10 different languages; Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Indonesian, Italian, Portuguese and Hebrew. LB 1578 .K5 1998

English / Spanish

Arthur's Teacher Trouble, MAC/WIN CD-ROM, Grades PreK-4
Living Books storybooks create an interactive world where children can learn, listen, and explore as Arthur competes in the school-wide Spellathon. Includes Spanish translation. PZ 7.B81618 Arr 1993

Kids! Spanish, MAC/WIN CD-ROM, Grades 1-5
Delivers interactive fun, as wacky monster pals host over 35 activities at 5 progressive levels. Students can learn over 400 Spanish words and phrases for sports, animals, food, time, colors, family members and much more, as well as letters, numbers, and everyday expressions. 5 progressive levels. PC 4121 .K5 1998

Spanish 1a with Phonics/Ingles 1a con Fonetica, MAC/WIN CD-ROM, Ages 4-up
Ideal for second language learners, this bilingual software program applies phonics to both beginning Spanish and English, allowing students to both see and hear how words in both languages are formed.
PC4135.S63 2010

Spanish for the Real World, MAC/WIN CD-ROM, Grades 5-12
This program allows students to use the language by listening, speaking, and reading. It also has challenging environments filled with interesting characters that allow students to practice in the " real world". PC 4121 .S68 1998

Spanish Your Way, MAC/WIN CD-ROM, Grades 9-12

Your way evaluates what students say and lets them hear and compare their voices with those of native speakers. Speech recognition provides feedback on pronunciation. Games and activities cover grammar essentials and teach over 2,500 words and phrases. PC 4129 .E5 S68 1996

English / French

French Your Way, WIN CD-ROM, Grades 9-12
Your way evaluates what students say and lets them hear and compare their voices with those of native speakers. Speech cognition provides feedback on pronunciation. Games and activities cover grammar essentials and teach over 2,500 words and phrases.
PC 2066 .F73 1997

English / Spanish / Japanese

Just Grandma and Me, MAC CD-ROM, Grades Pre-K-4
Living Books storybooks create an interactive world where children can learn, listen, and explore. Story can be told in English, Spanish, or Japanese.
PZ 7 .M642 Jub 1992

English / Spanish / French / German

Language Explorer, MAC CD-ROM, Grades Pre-K-12
Language Explorer uses colorful, vibrant images to teach English, French, German, and Spanish. Learn over 500 words in each language. Explore 42 topics and be challenged by five skill levels as you match pictures to their corresponding words. CD ROM version includes the spoken words in all four languages.
P 371 .L2 1993 & P 371 .L2 1994

Language Arts

Canterbury Tales, MAC/WIN CD-ROM, Grades 9-12
Features include modern, Middle English, and facsimile texts of the entire frame story, complete with character descriptions and a guide to Middle English pronunciation; interviews with Dr. Christiania Whitehead and Dr. Peter Mack, Chaucerian scholars; video clips of key scenes; modern and classical literary criticism; teacher notes that include activities and assignments; and text search and print functions
PR 1866.C4 C36 1999

The Cat in the Hat, MAC/WIN CD-ROM, Grades Pre K-3
Interactive version of the Dr. Seuss book in which an unusual cat enlivens a rainy day for a couple of children. The user can have the book read aloud, or click on objects on the monitor and play games.
LB 1576 .C34 1997

Charlotte’s Web, WINDOWS, Grades PreK-6
Play as Wilbur or Templeton and unravel the mysteries of Charlotte's Web as you explore the amazing world of the Zuckerman Farm on a journey filled with fun and discovery.
PZ7.W58277. Ch 2006

Curious George Learns to Spell, MAC/WIN CD-ROM, Grades 1-2
Help Curious George catch Lola the parrot and track down famous author Wanda Jewel's lost books. Along the way, spell lots of words and help George write newspaper articles about your adventures. Includes reading practice with audio support.
LB 1526 .C85 1998

Curious George Reading and Phonics, MAC/WIN CD-ROM, Grades 2-4
Kids learn to read with phonics, as they play games, build vocabulary, and interact with Curious George
LB 1573.3 .C85 2002

Disney Princess, MAC/WIN CD-ROM, Grades 1-3
The learning games and interactive story lines teach numbers, counting, letters, phonics, early reading, and math.
LB 1029 .G3 D5 2004

Essay express strategies for successful essay writing, MAC/WIN CD-ROM,
Essay express is a powerful combination of interactive strategy-based exercises which use engaging stories, humor, and music to teach students how to structure a successful short essay.
PE 1408 .E78 2005

Grammar for the Real World, MAC/WIN CD-ROM, Grades 4-up
Grammar skills include subject-verb agreements, punctuation and capitalization, sentence fragments and structures, plurals and possessives, parts of speech - nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs and more. Writing skills include: creative writing, proofreading and editing, sequencing, writing for an audience, spelling and more.
LB 1576.7 .G73 1998

K Kindergarten, MAC/WIN CD-ROM, Grade K
Leapster Kindergarten combines action packed, animated games with Leap Frog’s proven approach to learning. The result is a powerful, on-the-go educational game that helps prepare children for success in kindergarten!
LB 1029 .G3 K2 2003

Key skills for reading spelling and phonics, MAC/WIN CD-ROM, Grades 1-3,
Activities which strengthen and support the development of students’ early reading skills in phonics and spelling
PE 1135 .K49 2005

Knowledge Munchers Deluxe, MAC/WIN CD-ROM, Grades 3-12
Trivia questions in 6 categories and several levels of difficulty, with animation and sound effects.
GV 1469.25.K58 K58 1997

Leap Into Phonics, MAC/WIN CD-ROM, Grades Pre K-1
A group of progressive activities designed to teach phonics skills to children.
LB 1525.3 .L4 1997

Leapfrog 1st Grade, MAC/WIN CD-ROM Grade 1
The 6 learning games teach 60 essential 1st grade reading and math skills: spelling, addition & subtraction, reading classifying, sentence structure, and critical thinking.
LB1029 .G3 F5 2003

Let's Go Read 2: An Ocean Adventure, MAC/WIN CD-ROM, Grades K-2
Explores how letters combine to form words, and how words combine to express meaning.
LB 1139.5.R43 L47 1998

Letter Factory, MAC/WIN CD-ROM, Grades 1-4
The learning game teaches letters, phonics, and listening skills
LB 1029 .G3 L4 2003

Mr. Pencil’s Learn to Draw and Write, MAC/WIN CD-ROM, Grades 1-3
Mr. Pencil’s Learn to Draw and Write features over 150 step-by-step lessons that show children how to draw favorite animals objects and characters as well as upper/lower case letters and numbers. Also includes dozens of art tools so you can create anything you imagine.
LB 1029 .G3 M8 2003

Paradise Lost, MAC/WIN CD-ROM, Grades 9-12
Includes excerpts from the Book of Genesis that parallel the text, analysis of key figures, video interviews with top Milton scholars, commentary by period poets and writers, biography of Milton, timeline of 17th century events, teachers notes with suggested class activities, art gallery of works on Creation themes, bibliography, internet connection.
PR 3565 .P35 1998

Phonics And Reading Excelerator, WIN CD-ROM, Grades 1-4
LB 1573 .P46 2003

Read, Write & Type, MAC/WIN CD-ROM, Grades 1-2
Children learn the sounds of each letter and where each letter "lives" on the keyboard. They apply their newfound phonics and typing skills, combining letter sounds to make words, sentences and stories.
LB 1573.R275 1996

Spanish 1a with Phonics/Ingles 1a con Fonetica, MAC/WIN CD-ROM, Ages 4-up
Ideal for second language learners, this bilingual software program applies phonics to both beginning Spanish and English, allowing students to both see and hear how words in both languages are formed.
PC4135.S63 2003

Spelling 1-2, MAC/WIN CD-ROM, Grades 1-2
Teaches 2,000 words appropriate for grades 1-2; also teaches reading.
LB1574.H45 1999

Story Book Weaver Deluxe 2, MAC/WIN CD-ROM, Grades 1-6
An open-ended writing tool designed to actively engage students in the writing process. Students can author and illustrate their own stories in English or Spanish using a simple word processor and a variety of graphic and sound features. Choosing from a variety of foreground and background colors, scenes, and sound effects, students can construct a variety of settings and illustrations with the ability to manipulate the size, color and orientation of the objects. Includes text-to-speech feature to hear the story read aloud.
LB1576 .S7997 1996

Tenth Planet explores Literacy Word Building: Letter Sounds, MAC/WIN CD-ROM, Grades K-5
Student further their understanding of the structure of English words by exploring the role of vowels in words.
LB 1573.3 .T44 1998

Top Chef, MAC/WIN CD-ROM, Grades 5-12
This is an interactive version of the Top Chef television show. Besides teaching cooking, math and reading are covered.
TX652.T6 2008

Wordy Qwerty: Foundations for Reading and Writing Fluency, MAC/WIN, Grades 2-4
Teaches reading and writing, phonics, typing/keyboarding, music. Comes in two parts.
LB1573.W67 2006

Writer's Workshop, MAC/WIN CD-ROM, Grades 6-9
A multimedia instructional system for process-based composition.
LB 1576 .W732 1997


Cosmic Math, MAC/WIN CD-ROM, Grades 1-4
Rocket into the cosmos on an incredible math mission! Defend your ship from flying space debris and blast away at the cosmic rocks that have the right answers! This stellar arcade game reinforces first-through fourth-grade math tables.
LB1029.G3.C6 2005

Math Advantage 2005, WIN CD-ROM, Grades 6-12
Interactive tutors for both middle and high school students. Uses graphics, animations, videos and games to teach ten core math subjects. Disc 10: Bonus disc: Title on label: Excel 2003. Title on setup screen: How to use Excel 2003.
QA 11 .M2 2004

Math Baseball, MAC/WIN CD-ROM, Grades 3-6
Learn addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division while playing baseball in 5 learning modes.
LB 1029 .G3 M27 2003

Math Blaster: Master the Basics, MAC/WIN CD-ROM, Grades 1-7
Increase speed and accuracy in addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fact families, problem solving, equivalents, and mental math.
QA115.M35 2008

Math for the Real World, MAC/WIN CD-ROM, Grades 3-up
Includes over 4,000 word problems covering real-world math. topics in nine key subject areas. Math for the Real World students will learn in a drumbeat how mastering real-world math leads to real-life success.
QA 135.5 .M3686 1997

Math, Grade 3,
QA 135.5 .M2 2003

Math Missions. MAC/WIN CD-ROM, Grades 4-5.
Solve hundreds of math problems that build addition, multiplication, problem solving skills and more in real world environments such as a candy store and a fish market. Plus earn money for correct answers to play three exciting arcade games
LB1029.G3 M28 2005

Math Missions the Race to Spectacle City Arcade, MAC/WIN CD-ROM, Grades K-5
Build addition, subtraction, geometry, and problem-solving skills while constructing a skyscraper, sorting toys at a toy store, counting types of candy at an outdoor market, and more. Earn money for each correct answer and use it to play games in the arcade.
QA 115 .M363 2003

Mighty Math Cosmic Geometry, MAC/WIN CD-ROM, Grades 7-10
Teaches geometry concepts and problem-solving skills for 7th, 8th & 9th grade math success.
QA 462 .M5 1996

Mighty Math Number Heroes, MAC/WIN CD-ROM, Grades 3-6
Students enter a math metropolis where an exciting series of four innovative activities promote investigation, experimentation and the power of thinking. Fraction Man, Star Brilliant, GeoBot an Handsome Chance help students explore fractions, 2D geometry, probability, shape and number patterns, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and decimals.
QA 135.5 .M533 1996

Millie’s Math House, MAC 3.5 inch disks, Pre-K-1
Children love learning about numbers, patterns, sizes and shapes. Six interactive activities bring math concepts to life with animated characters, colorful graphics and spirited music.
QA 135.5 .M54 1992

Money Challenge, MAC/WIN CD-ROM, Grades K-3
Twenty-four skill levels include counting pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, half dollars, and dollar bills for purchases and figuring change. Teachers choose skill levels and can monitor student’s progress within the Manager.
|HG 221.5 .M64 1997

Multiplication, division, MAC/WIN CD-ROM, Grades 3-4
QA 115 .M55 2002

Penguin Cold Cash, MAC/WIN CD-ROM, Grades K-6
Learn the value of money; identify coins and bills with penguin. Playing hockey goalie when making change, catching fish while counting money with penguin.
HG221.5.P46 2009

Top Chef, MAC/WIN CD-ROM, Grades 5-12
This is an interactive version of the Top Chef television show. Besides teaching cooking, math and reading are covered.
TX652.T6 2008

Trudy’s Time & Place House, MAC/WIN 95 CD-ROM, Grades PreK-2
Students learn time-telling skills with talking clocks. They’ll also explore the concept of time as they fast-forward and rewind an animated movie by seconds, minutes, hours, days, and months. They will discover the relationship between the earth, globe an atlas, identify continents and oceans, and develop mapping and direction skills.
LB 1531.T8 1995

2 Simple Math Games, WINDOWS CD ROM, Grades 4-7
Math games that encourage children to think and apply basic math facts.
QA115.T9 2006


CLS/CLT student bowl games volume 2: a Jeopardy style quiz game to make reviewing fun! MAC/WIN CD-ROM
RB38.25.S783 2007

Delmar's basic care nursing skills, WIN CD-ROM
Covers over 50 basic nursing skills, is a full-color interactive product following the five-step nursing process. It is developed in clear, concise, easy-to-follow format to help promote competence in fundamental nursing skills. Some of the skills covered include mobility, hygiene, basic assessment, heat/cold, urinary catheter, specimens, orthopedic, and many least invasive procedures
RT 51 .D4322 2000

Delmar's critical care/surgical care nursing skills, WIN CD-ROM
Over 50 critical care/surgical care nursing skills are contained on this CD-ROM including blood administration, advanced respiratory, tubes, ventilation, central lines, pre/postoperative care, dressings and wound care
RT 51 .D4323 2000

Delmar's intermediate nursing skills, WIN CD-ROM
Covers over 50 critical advanced nursing skills; this is a full-color interactive product following the five-step nursing process. It is developed in clear, concise, easy-to-follow format to help promote competence in fundamental nursing skills. Some of the skills covered include medication administration, GI tubes, bowel and colostomy techniques, respiratory care oxygen, IV care administration, and some of the more invasive procedures
RT 51 .D4324 2000

Delmar's special procedures nursing skills, WIN CD-ROM
This CD-ROM covers critical nursing skills with a focus on special populations including assisting with medical procedures, orthopedic care, advanced assessment, inserting tubes and lines, emergency/safety procedures and restraints
RT51.D4325 2000

Physical Education and Anatomy

Interactive Atlas of Human Anatomy, WIN 3.1 CD-ROM, Grades 4 & up
Designed for students and instructors, this interactive program has these educational features-- search for plates of body region, organ system, key word; create personal study guides; use built-in tests or create custom exams; magnify details; print out plates for use in patient education.
QM 25.N473 1995

Problem Solving Skills

Carmen Sandiego Curriculum Library, MAC/WIN CD-ROM, Grades 5-8
Enhance your curriculum in three different areas: History, Language Arts and Math. Includes Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego, Carmen Sandiego-Math Detective, and Carmen Sandiego-Word Detective.
GV 1469.22 .C35 1998

Clifford the big red dog thinking adventures, MAC/WIN CD-ROM
Travel through Clifford and Emily Elizabeth’s neighborhood helping them finish various errands before Clifford’s big birthday party. Games cover problem solving, logic, reasoning and creativity
LB 1029.G3 C55 2000

Clue Finder's 3rd Grade Adventures, MAC/WIN CD-ROM, Grades 2-4
Computer adventure game designed to develop thinking and problem solving skills. The ClueFinders have stumbled onto a mystery. Jungle animals are disappearing. And now the famous scientist Dr. Pythagoras has vanished. Is an ancient monster responsible for this? Use your 3rd grade math, English, science, and geography skills to solve the mystery.
GV 1469.22 .T48 1997

Crazy Machines 2, WINDOWS, Grades 5 – 12
Solve mind bending puzzles.
TJ164.C43 2007

Dora the Explorer fairytale adventure, MAC/WIN CD-ROM Ages 3+
Travel with Dora through Fairytale Land, where you can solve puzzles and help save the day.
GV 1469.25 .D67 A8 2004

Harmony Tree, MAC/WIN CD-ROM, Grades 1 - 6
A good aid in teaching children conflict management, problem solving skills and good social skills.
HQ 783 .H35 2000

I Spy Fun House, MAC/WIN CD-ROM, Grades 1-5
A collection of 33 I Spy riddles. Teaches problem solving, logic, classifying & sorting, reading, vocabulary and memory.
GV1507.P47.I5 2008

I SPY spooky mansion, MAC/WIN CD-ROM Grades 1-4
A collection of 39 riddles, three different ways out of the house, each filled with spooky surprises.
GV 1469.25 .I2 S3 2004

Jump Start Adventure: 6th Grade Mission Earth Quest, MAC/WIN CD-ROM Grade 6.
Help adventurous teens Zach and Jess save the planet from crazy computer mayhem
GV 1469.22 .J83 1998

Kidspiration, MAC/WIN CD-ROM, Grades K-3
Teaches planning, classification, logical thinking
LB 1590.3 .K46 2000

Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon, MAC/WIN CD-ROM, Grades 4-6
Old timers still talk about Jake Hurley’s legendary gold strike and how folks found his private train abandoned in Blue Moon Canyon. That might be why socialite Lori Girard restored Hurley’s train and hired the best in the business to crack the century-old case. But when Girard vanishes, it’s up to you as Nancy Drew to keep the investigation on track.
GV1469.25 .L38 H4 2005

Lost Mind of Dr. Brain, MAC/WIN CD-ROM, Grades 5-up
Students are asked to solve hundreds of complex, interactive puzzles in order to save Dr. Brain. As the students solve the puzzles, they learn to develop different intelligences and improve their knowledge of language, music, art, physics, chemistry and more.
GV 1469.25 .D6 L6 1995

World of Goo, MAC/WIN CD ROM, Grades 2 – 12
This construction game lets you drag-and-drop sticky blobs to construct structures that look a bit like carbon molecules. You quickly learn which structures work best to solve a particular problem. On one puzzle, you must construct the highest tower using the fewest possible parts. Another presents you with a spinning set of teeth that requires a curved structure. There's a lot of different ways to solve the same problem, making this game addicting. Content includes 15 different varieties of blobs, each with different properties; enough to keep things interesting.
TJ175.W6 2009


Animal Genius, MAC/WIN CD-ROM, Grades K-3
Build basic life science skills while discovering fascinating facts about animals.
QL751.A55 2008

BioLab Frog, MAC/WIN CD-ROM, Grades 6-12
This award-winning "real-life" dissection simulation allows students to explore the frog's external mouth, digestive, circulatory, reproductive, and skeletal systems. Up-close graphics and colorful animations illustrate functions that are normally hard to view.
QL 668.E27 B5 1997

BodyFluids tutor, WIN CD-ROM
Computer program that systematically teaches and tests the gross and microscopic examination of various body fluids. These include synovial fluid, cerebrospinal fluid, amniotic fluid, seminal fluid, and serous fluids
RB 52 .B6 2000

Butterflies, bugs, and other beasties, Grades 3-5
Lucy Ladybird visits the garden with you to collect insects, then use what you have collected to play a variety of mini-games.
QL 463 .B468 2002

The case of the missing monarchs, This browser based software demonstrates how butterfly populations are studied and collected
QL 561.D3 C37 2001

The Cell, MAC/WIN CD-ROM, Grades 4-9
Presents the parts of a cell, their functions, and differences. Also explains how single-celled organisms survive and can create diseases.
QH 581.2 .C435 1997

Chemicus journey to the other side, MAC/WIN CD-ROM
In the mysterious city of Chemicus, sacred power and scientific knowledge from the beginning of time are guarded. It’s up to you to solve the riddles, gain knowledge and use your intelligence to unlock the secrets of this city of science
QD 33 .C7 2002

A Colour Atlas of Medical Parasitology, MAC/WIN CD-ROM, Grades 11+
Describes the life cycles of and diseases caused by protozoa, nematodes, trematodes and cestodes. Also contains illustrations, microscopic images, case histories, and diagnoses.
RC119 .C6 2005

The Digital Field Trip to the Rainforest, MAC/WIN CD-ROM, Grades PreK-12
Explore the Blue Creek Rainforest Reserve in Belize, Central America, where you can walk in the jungle, climb the trees, explore a cave and wonder at the incredible biodiversity. Learn about rainforest plants and animals, their interdependencies and the threat to their survival.
QH541.5.R27.D54 1998

Farm Vet, WINDOWS CD-ROM, Grades 1-12
Treat sick and injured farm animals, interact with all the animals, customize your character, play 5 different barnyard games. Farm Vet is the ultimate veterinary simulation, with medical cases created by real veterinarians.
SF 756.F37 2007

GramStain-tutor, MAC/WIN CD-ROM
This is an interactive computer program that teaches the interpretation of gram stains with 250 digital images of specimens, image-based descriptions of normal and infected specimens from the respiratory tract, central nervous system, urogenital tract, wounds, joint fluids, eyes, and stool, an accompanying atlas and two comprehensive exams.
QH237 .G73 1994 [Temporarily shelved at Halsey IT, Room 259]

Hematology a cd-rom atlas with concept applications, MAC/WIN CD-ROM, Grades 9+
Features outstanding examples of each cell type or abnormality.
RC633 .H434 1997 [Temporarily shelved at Halsey IT, Room 259]

Human Body, WIN CD-ROM QM 27
.H85 1999

The Human Genome Project: Exploring our Molecular Selves, WIN CD-ROM, Grades 9-12
This multimedia CD-ROM provides high school students and the interested public with information on the Human Genome Project. It includes a dynamic timeline, a quick search feature, and learning activities.
QH 447 .H86 2000

Inside the cell, MAC/WIN CD-ROM
Explains what a cell is, gives history of the discovery of cells and cell theory, describes the categories of cells and the parts of a typical eukaryotic animal cell, and tells about cell specialization and organization
QH 631 .I5 1999 [Temporarily shelved at Halsey IT, Room 259]

Microscopy-Tutor, MAC/WIN CD-ROM, Grades 10+
An interactive cd-rom tutorial that teaches the practice and theory of light microscopy.
QH205.2 .M5 1997 [Temporarily shelved at Halsey IT, Room 259]

My Sim Aquarium, WINDOWS, Grades PreK-12
This program provides the opportunity to learn about many different kinds of fish. Includes a fish encyclopedia.
SF 457.5.M9 2006

Neurons in action computer simulations with NeuroLab, MAC/WIN CD-ROM
"The purpose of Neurons in Action is to provide students with tools with which they can appreciate the complexity of the functioning of a single neuron"--Preface
QP355.2.M66 2001

Parasite-tutor, MAC/WIN CD-ROM, Grades 9+
Parasite-tutor uses descriptive text, video clips, animations, illustrations, and composite microscopic images to teach the morphological identification of parasites that can be found in clinical specimens.
QL757 .P372 1997

Peripheral Blood-Tutor, MAC/WIN CD-ROM
RB45 .P47 1995

Sammy's Science House, MAC/WIN 95 CD-ROM, Grades PreK-2
Introduces children to the world of science by encouraging their curiosity and helping them see and enjoy science in their daily lives. Five fascinating activities develop important skills and thought processes for scientific learning.
LB 1532.S33 1995

Sniffy the Virtual Rat MAC/WIN CD-ROM, Grades 6-12
"Simulate a wide range of learning phenomena that are typically discussed psychology of learning courses. Explore all facets of operant and classical conditioning by training Sniffy using virtual food as reinforcement. The simple user interface enables you to set up events in Sniffy’s operant chamber (skinny box) in much the same way research psychologist set up events for real animals"--Lab manual cover.
BF 319.5.O6.A44 2005

Solar System, MAC/WIN CD-ROM, Grades 4-9
Includes 2 presentations: Sun, earth, and moon; and the planets.
QB 501 .S63 1998

Study Works for Science 2.0, MAC/WIN CD-ROM, Grades 9-12
Study Works for Science 2.0 is an educational CD-ROM that covers biology, chemistry, earth science, physics, and statistics. The disk uses examples and sample problems impart its lessons. It also includes an onscreen graphing calculator, tips for the SATII college-preparation test, unit conversions, and a glossary of scientific concepts and terms.
Q 181 .S79 1998

Super Solvers Gizmos and Gadgets, IBM 3.5 inch disks, Grades 2-6
Over 200 puzzles and simulations help students understand physical science concepts such as magnetism, electricity, force, gravity and friction. Automatically adjusts to child's skill level.
Q 181 .S9 1993

Thinkin' Science, MAC/WIN CD-ROM, Grades K-2
Children conduct scientific experiments and solve exciting science challenges. Covers many of the major earth, life, and physical science topics in the first and second grade curriculums.
LB 1585 .T46 1997

TLC Medical Center a simulated hospital information system, WIN CD-ROM,
Designed to help health care students become familiar and comfortable with computers used in a clinical setting.
RC66 .T53 1998

Urinalysis-Tutor, MAC/WIN CD-ROM
An interactive computer program that teaches the microscopic examination of urinary sediment.
RB53 .U75 1995

Zoo Vet: Endangered Animals, MAC/WIN CD-ROM, Ages 6-up
Treat and diagnose different species of endangered animals. The game features 30 different medical cases and 3 levels of difficulty. Puzzle, word search, memory and other learning games are involved too.
SF996.Z692 2007

Social Studies

The American Indian: A Multimedia Encyclopedia, WIN CD-ROM, Grades 4-college
From pre-European contact to the early 20th century-the history and culture, words, and images, legends and leaders of the Native Americans.
E 76.2 .A43 1996

The Annenberg/Pew Archive of Presidential Campaign Discourse, WIN CD-ROM, Grades High School
This archive contains transcripts of speeches, television ads, and debates of the twelve United States general Presidential campaigns from 1952 through 1996. Includes all of the major party nominees work, except that of Barry Goldwater, from September 1 of each election year through the election. Also includes the candidates' nomination acceptance speeches.
JK 528 .A56 2000

The Asian-American experience, MAC/WIN CD-ROM, Grades 6-12
Fully indexed and searchable collection of information relating to the Asian American experience. Includes timelines, documents, pictures, maps, audio, and graphics.
E184.O6.A8425 1997

Becoming Americans; The Shapiro Story, MAC/WIN CD-ROM, Grades 6-12
This CD-ROM is designed to complement a visit to Shapiro House at Strawberry Banke Museum in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Shapiro House recreates the home of Ukrainian-Jewish immigrants, Abraham and Sarah Tapper Shapiro and their American-born, ten-year-old daughter, Mollie. This disk not only provides a detailed interactive tour of their home; it also employs multimedia techniques to examine the broader story of immigration to this country. E 29.J5 B43 1998

CivCity Rome, WINDOWS, Grades 5-12
Recreate the glory of Rome by building a small settlement into a mighty imperial city. Features hundreds of buildings including gladiatorial schools, amphitheatres, the circus maximus, legionnaire forts, weapons workshops and more.
DG78.C5835 2006

Cultural Horizons of Wisconsin, MAC/WIN CD-ROM, Grades 4-6 Explores the cultures of Wisconsin as something deeper than race, ethnicity, or nationality.
F 590.A1 C83 2001

CultureGrams 2001, WIN CD-ROM, Grades 9-12
Contains cultural guides to over 175 countries including information on customs, lifestyle, people, government and history. Includes audio country name pronunciations and national anthems.
GT 150 .C86 2001

Decisions, Decisions 5.0, Building a Nation, MAC/WIN CD-ROM, Grades 5-12
Real world decisions build real world skills: teamwork, group decision making, problem identification and problem solving, reading comprehension and oral and written communication.
JA 86.D4 1997

Didi & Ditto the wolf king, MAC/WIN CD-ROM
Computer adventure games.
GV1469.25 .D53 K8 2005

GeoBee, MAC/WIN CD-ROM, Grades 4-9
Beat the clock through three rounds of play and enter geography's Hall of Fame.
G 76 .G45 1996

Know Your USA, WINDOWS, Grades 3-8
All geographic features of the USA are covered in great detail; regions, state capitals, major cities, rivers, mountains and lakes.
E178.5.K66 2008

Liberty’s Kids, MAC/WIN CD-ROM, Grades 6-12
Become one of Liberty’s Kids and report on the events of the American Revolution, from the Boston Tea Party to the Battle of Yorktown. Interview heroes, experience battles and collect interesting historical facts. Then publish a front page, complete with articles and your own headlines.
E208 .L53 2002

Library of Congress: Eyes of the Nation, MAC/WIN DVD-ROM, Grades 5-12
American history as illustrated by documents, photographs, and archival materials from the Library of Congress. Allows to prepare customized visual presentations.
E 178.5 .L522 1998

Life in Tudor Times, MAC/WIN CD-ROM, Grades 9-12
Using text, film clips, and pictures, this CD-ROM gives the viewer a detailed
Account of life in Tudor England.
DA 315 .L53 1996b

Maawangi'iding = Gathering Together, WIN CD-ROM, Grades 4-12
Maawanji'iding is the Ojibwe word for a gathering of people, a meeting, acelebration. This video presents narratives from tribal members of the six
Wisconsin bands of the Lake Superior Chippewa. Using archival photos, maps,and historic documents, these narratives explain how things have come to be inthe way they are in the Ojibwe homelands of northern Wisconsin.
E 99.C6 M3 1998

The Making of the United Kingdom Crowns, Parliament and Peoples 1500-1750,
MAC/WIN CD-ROM, Grades 6-12 An interactive database providing access to source material in British history. The database contains over 1,000 sources coverings a wide range of topics, themes and issues relating to the period 1500-1750.
DA30 .M32 1998

Material World: A Global Family Portrait, MAC/WIN, Provides an intimate look into the everyday lives of thirty typical families from around the world through photographs, interviews, and video gathered by sixteen photojournalists.
GN 406 .M452 2001

Native Americans: People of the Desert, MAC/WIN CD-ROM,
This CD-ROM is designed to introduce students to Native Americans of the Southwest and to help establish an awareness of their history and an affinity for their culture. It is organized into seven major sections: History; Desert World; Museum; Akena; Native Americans Today; Activities; and Reference.
E 78.S8 P46 1999

Native Americans: People of the Forest, MAC/WIN CD-ROM,
This CD-ROM is designed to introduce students to Native Americans of the Eastern Woodlands and to help establish an awareness of their history and an affinity for their culture. It is organized into seven major sections: History; Forest World; Museum; Little Flower; Native Americans Today; Activities; and Reference.
E 78.E2 P46 2000

Native Americans: People of the Northwest Coast, MAC/WIN CD-ROM,
This CD-ROM is designed to introduce students to Native Americans of the Northwest Coast and to help establish an awareness of their history and an affinity for their culture. It is organized into seven major sections: History; Northwest Coast World; Museum; Golden Sparrow; Native People Today; Activities; and Reference.
E 78.N78 P46 1999

Native Americans: People of the Plains, MAC/WIN CD-ROM,
This CD-ROM is designed to introduce students to Native Americans of the Plains and to help establish an awareness of their history and an affinity for their culture. It is organized into seven major sections: History; Plains World; Museum; Read Feather; Native Americans Today; Activities; and Reference. E 78.G73 P46 1998

Neighborhood Map Machine, MAC/WIN CD-ROM, Grades 1-5
Students create maps of real or imaginary places, travel around neighborhoods and towns, and learn about direction, symbols, scale, grid coordinates and other geography skills. Addresses skills created by the National Geography Standards.
LB 1583 .N43 1998

On Common Ground, MAC/WIN CD-ROM, Grades 9-12
On Common Ground provides an overview of America's many religious traditions through text, images, voices, and music. It also provides perspectives on some of the fundamental questions of religious freedom, religious diversity, and interreligious encounters that have shaped America's religious history and continues to challenge us today.
BL 2525 .E252 1997

The Oregon Trail Adventures along the Oregon Trail, MAC/WIN CD-ROM, Grades 3 – 12
An educational simulation game designed to develop skills in social studies, geography, problem solving, decision making and budgeting as players travel by covered wagon on an 1848 journey of the Oregon Trail.
F880.O74 2001

Psyche experiments that changed psychology, MAC/WIN CD-ROM
BF79.5 .A75 1997

Siltstones, Mudstones, and Shales depositional processes and characteristics, WIN CD- ROM
A publication based on presentations given at the annual GCAGS conference, October 2002.
QE 471 .D488 2003

SimCity Societies, WINDOWS CD-ROM, Grades5-12
This will provide an exercise in building a society. Useful for social studies, civics and political science.
HT166.S56 2007

SimCity 3000, WIN CD-ROM, Grades 4-12
A game in which the player is in charge of creating an entire city from the ground up, managing everything from budgets to bulldozers, taxes, tornadoes with more control than ever before.
HT 166 .S552 1998

Swamp Gas Visits Europe, MAC 3.5 inch disks, Grades 1-12
Discovering European geography becomes fun for students as they explore the continent with Swamp Gas, the lovable alien. Players learn about European countries, capitals, cities and famous landmarks while developing fact-finding and problem-solving skills. Keep complete and up to date maps of Europe.
D 923 .C38 1993

U.S. Regional Geography Midwest, MAC/WIN CD-ROM, Grades 4-12
Explores the physical and cultural geography of the Midwest
F 351 .U87 1999

Wisconsin: Celebrating People, Place, and Past, MAC/WIN CD-ROM, Grades 4 & up
Provides an interactive tour of Wisconsin's rich history, culture, and geography.
F 581 .W49 1998

Women in America, MAC/WIN CD-ROM, Grades 6-12
Fully indexed and searchable collection of information and primary source documents relating to women in America. Includes timelines, documents, pictures, maps, audio, and graphics. Part of the American Journey series.
E 173 .W64 1996

World Discovery Deluxe, MAC/WIN CD-ROM, Grades 3-12
This is an interactive global geography and history program that tests your knowledge of geographical, political and historical people, places and events. This fun and educational program contains over 75 maps from around the globe.
G 76 .W65 1995

Special Education

Faceland, MAC/WIN, PreK-12
Help children build skill in facial recognition of emotion, using Amusement Park theme to engage and motivate.This is a very useful software product which helps children with autism and aspergers.
BF531.F32 2009

Whose life is it anyway? a look at person-centered planning & transition,MAC/WIN CD- ROM
Covers the nuts and bolts of person-centered planning and is a self-paced instructional program. Included is information on circles of support, the PATH process, and MAPs as it applies to developing transition plans for individuals with disabilities
HV 1568.5 .W48 2001

Word Processing / Computer Tools 2Type, WINDOWS, ages 3-8
Teaches correct finger position and helps to develop fluent typing skills.
QA76.9.K48.T9 2005
Compiled: October 2005
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