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Multicultural Picture Books in the EMC: 2001-2015


Books in the EMC's Picture Book Collection Depicting Cultures from All Over the World


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Aston, Dianna Hutts.  Moon Over Star. Dial, 2008.

Birtha, Becky.  Grandmamma's Pride. A. Whitman, 2005.

Child, Lauren. The New Small Person. Candlewick Press, 2015.

Cole, Kenneth. No Bad News. Albert Whitman & Company, 2001.

de la Pena, Matt. Last Stop on Market Street. G.P. Putnam's Sons, an imprint of Penguin Group USA, 2015.

Dillon, Diane & Leo. Rap a Tap Tap. Blue Sky Press, 2002.

Duburke, Randy. The Moon Ring. Chronicle Books, 2002.

Falwell, Cathryn. David's Drawings. Lee & Low Books. 2001.

Bliss, Harry.  Luke on the Loose. Toon Books, 2009.

Ehrhardt, Karen.  This Jazz Man. Harcourt, 2006.

English, Karen.  Hot Day on Abbott Avenue. Clarion Books, 2004.

Garland, Sherry.  Buffalo Soldier. Pelican Pub. Co., 2006.

Giovanni, Nikki. Rosa. Henry Holt, 2005.

Greenfield, Eloise.  Honey, I Love You. HarperCollins, 2003

Harrington, Janice N.  Going North. Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2004.

Harrington, Janice N.  Chicken-Chasing Queen of Lamar County. Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2007.

Hegamin, Tonya.  Most Loved in All the World.  Houghton Mifflin, 2009.

Hest, Amy. Mr. George Baker.  Candlewick Press, 2004.

Hester, Denia.  Grandma Lena's Big Ol' Turnip. Albert Whitman & Co., 2005.

Johnson, Angela.  Sweet Smell of Roses.  Simon & Schuster, 2005.

Johnson, Kathleen Jeffrie. Target. Roaring Brook, 2003.

Johnston, Tony.  Angel City. Philomel Books, 2006.

Joosse, Barbara.  Hot City. Philomel Books, 2004.

Levine, Ellen.  Henry's Freedom Box.  Scholastic Press, 2007.

Lyon, George Ella.  You and Me and Home Sweet Home. Atheneum Books, 2009.

Lyons, Kelly Starling.  One Million Men and Me. Just Us Books, 2007.

Mason, Margaret H.  These Hands. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2010.

McKissack, Patricia C. All-I'll-Ever-Want Christmas Doll. Schwartz & Wade Books, 2007.

McCully, Emily Arnold.  Escape of Olney Judge: Martha Washington's Slave Finds Freedom.  Farrar, Straus & Giroux, 2007.

Mckissack, Patricia C. Goin' Somplace Special. Atheneum Books,2001.

McKissack, Patricia C. Never Forgotten. Schwartz & Wade Books, 2011.

McKissack, Patricia C. Precious and Boo Hag. Atheneum Books, 2005.

McKissack, Patricia C..  Stitchin' and Pullin': a Gee's Bend Quilt. Random House, 2008.

Michelson, Richard.  Across the Alley. Putnam, 2006.

Morrison, Toni.  Remember: the Journey to School Integration. Houghton Mifflin Co., 2004.

Myers, Walter Dean. 145th Street: Short Stories. Delacorte Press, 2000.

Myers, Walter Dean. Looking Like Me. Egmont USA, 2009.

Nolen, Jerdine. Thunder Rose. Harcourt, 2003

Porter, Connie. Addy's Surprise: A Christmas Story. American Girl, 2000.

Ramsey, Calvin A.  Ruth and the Green Book.  Carolrhoda Books, 2010.

Ramsey, Calvin A.  Belle, the Last Mule at Gee's Bend: a Civil Rights Story. Candlewick Press, 2011.

Rappaport, Doreen.  Freedom Ship. Hyperion, 2006.

Raven, Margot Theis.  Night Boat to Freedom. Farrar, Straus & Giroux, 2006.

Raven, Margot Theis.  Circle Unbroken: the Story of a Basket and its People.  Farrar, Straus & Giroux, 2004.

Reynolds, Aaron. Back of the Bus. Philomel Books, 2010.

Roberts, Brenda C.  Jazzy Miz Mozetta. Farrar, Straus & Giroux, 2004.

Sibley, Linda. David Went Where on Vacation? Perfection Learning, 2001.

Smith, Charles R. Jr.. Loki & Alex: The Adventures of a Dog and his Best Friend. Dutton Children's Books, 2001.

Smith, Patricia. Janna and the Kings. Lee & Low Books, 2003.

Steptoe, Javake. The Jones Family Express. Lee & Low Books, 2003.

Taylor, Debbie A.  Sweet Music in Harlem.  Lee & Low Books, 2004.

Tinkham, Kelly A.  Hair for Mama. Dial Books, 2007.

Uhlberg, Myron.  Storm Called Katrina.  Peachtree, 2011.

Vander Zee, Ruth.  Mississippi Morning. Eerdmans, 2004.

Wahl, Jan.  Candy Shop. Charlesbridge, 2004.

Walter, Mildred Pitts. Alec's Primer. University Press of New England, 2004.

Weatherford, Carole Boston.  Dear Mr. Rosenwald. Scholastic Press, 2006.

Weatherford, Carole Boston.  Moses: When Harriet Tubman Led Her People to Freedom.  Hyperion, 2006.

Winter, Jonah. Lillian's Right to Vote. Schwartz and Wade Books, 2015.

Woodson, Jacqueline.  Coming on Home Soon. Putnam's, 2004.

Woodson, Jacqueline. Locomotion. Putnam's Sons 2003.

Woodson, Jacqueline. The Other Side. Putnam's 2001.

Woodson, Jacqueline.  Show Way. G. P. Putnam's Sons, 2005.



Howard, Ginger. A Basket of Bangles. Millbrook Press, 2002.

Malaspina, Ann.  Yasmin's Hammer. Lee & Low Books, 2010.

Perkins, Mitali. Rickshaw Girl. Charlesbridge, 2007



Banks, Lynne Reid. The Dungeon. HarperCollins, 2002.

Berger, Barbara Hellen. All the Way to Lhasa: A Tale from Tibet. Philomel Books, 2002.

Brett, Jan. Daisy Comes Home. Putnam's Sons, 2002.

Bridges, Shirin Yim. Ruby's Wish. Chronicle Books, 2002.

Brown, Don. Far Beyond the Garden Gate. Houghton Mifflin Co., 2002.

Chen, Jiang Hong.  Magic Horse of Han Gan.  Enchanted Lion Books, 2006.

Christensen, Bonnie.  A Single Pebble. Roaring Brook Press, 2013.

Coste, Marion. Finding Joy. Boyds Mills Press, 2006.

Hill, Elizabeth Starr. Chang and the Bamboo Flute. Farrar Straus Giroux, 2002.

Lewis, Rose. I Love You Like Crazy Cakes. Little, Brown, 2000.

McCaughrean, Geraldline. The Kite Rider: a novel. Harper Collins, 2002.

Okimoto, Jean Davies. The White Swan Express: A Story About Adoption. Clarion Books, Houghton Mifflin, 2002.

Partridge, Elizabeth. Oranges on Gold Mountain. Dutton Children's Books, 2001.

Piumini, Roberto. Doctor Me Di Cin. Front Street, 2001.

Shannon, George.  Rabbit's Gift: a Fable from China. Harcourt, 2007.

Yep, Laurence. The Journal of Wong Ming-Chung: A Chinese Miner. Scholastic, 2000.

Yep, Laurence. Lady of Ch'iao: Warrior of the South. Scholastic, 2001.

Young, Ed. Monkey King. HarperCollins, 2001.

Yu, Li-Qiong.  New Year's Reunion. Candlewick Press, 2011.



Hall, Bruce Edward.  Henry and the Kite Dragon.  Philomel Books, 2004.

Lee, Milly. Earthquake. Frances Foster Books, 2001.

Lee, Milly.  Landed.  Farrar, Straus & Giroux, 2006.

Lin, Grace. Bringing in the New Year. Knopf, 2008.

Lo, Ginnie.  Auntie Yang's Great Soybean Picnic.  Lee & Low, 2012.

Look, Lenore.  Uncle Peter's Amazing Chinese Wedding. Atheneum Books, 2006.

Mak, Kam. My Chinatown: One Year in Poems. HarperCollins, 2002.

Sis, Peter. Madlenka. Frances Foster Books, 2000.

Thong, Roseanne.  Gai See: What You Can See in Chinatown. Abrams, 2007.

Thong, Roseanne. Round is a Dragon: a book of colors. Chronicle Books, 2001

Thong, Roseanne. Round is a Mooncake: a book of shapes. Chronicle Books, 2000.

Wong, Janet S. Apple Pie 4th of July. Harcourt 2002.

Yang, Belle.  Hannah is My Name.  Candlewick Press, 2004.

Yep, Laurence. Dream Soul. HarperCollins, 2000.

Yep, Laurence. The Traitor: Golden Mountain Chronicles. HarperCollins, 2003.

Yin.  Brothers.  Philomel Books, 2006.



Brown, Monica.  Waiting for the Biblioburro.  Tricycle Press, 2011.



Goodall, Jane.  Rickie & Henri. Penguin, 2005.



Kessler, Cristina.  The Best Beekeeper of Lalibela: a Tale from Africa. Holiday House, 2006.



Milway, Katie Smith. One Hen: How One Small Loan Made a Big Difference. Kids Can Press, 2008.



Carling, Amelia Lau.  Sawdust Carpets. Groundwood Books, 2005.



Danticat, Edwidge. Mama's Nightingale: A Story of Immigration and Separation. Dial Books for Young Readers, 2015.



Brown, Monica.  Marisol McDonald Doesn't Match. Children's Book Press, 2011.

Chocolate, Deborah M.  Barrio. Henry Holt, 2009.

Dorros, Arthur.  Papa and Me. Rayo/HarperCollins, 2008.

Elya, Susan Middleton.  N is for Navidad. Chronicle Books, 2007.

Gonzalez, Maya Christina.  Mis Colores, Mi Mundo=My Colors, My World. Children's Book Press, 2007.

Medina, Meg. Mango, Abuela, and Me. Candlewick Press, MA, 2015.

Medina, Meg.  Tia Isa Wants a Car. Candlewick Press, 2011.

Mora, Pat.  Gracias.  Lee & Low Books, 2009.

Zepeda, Gwendolyn.  Growing Up with Tamales. Pinata Books, 2008.



Charles, Veronika Martenova.  The Birdman. Tundra Books, 2006.

Ruddra, Anshumani.  Dorje's Stripes. Kane Miller, 2011.

Sheth, Kashmira.  Monsoon Afternoon. Peachtree, 2008.

So, Meilo. Gobble, Gobble, Slip, Slop: a Tale of a Very Greedy Cat. Knopf, 2004.

Vyner, Tim. World Team. Roaring Brook Press, 2002.



Khan, Hena. Golden Domes and Silver Lanterns.  Chronicle Books, 2012.

Khan, Hena. The Night of the Moon: a Muslim Holiday Story. Chronicle Books,2008.

Kyuchukov, Hristo. My Name is Hussein. Boyds Mills Press, 2004.

Mobin-Uddin, Asma. A Party in Ramadan. Boyds Mills Press, 2009.



Falwell, Cathryn. Butterflies for Kiri. Lee & Low Books, 2003.

Kajikawa, Kimiko.  Tsunami! Philomel Books, 2009.

Meshon, Aaron. Take me out to the Yakyu. Atheneum Books for Young Readers.

Myers, Tim.  Basho and the River Stones. Marshall Cavendish, 2004.

Preus, Margi.  The Peace Bell. Henry Holt, 2008.

Reibstein, Mark.  Wabi Sabi. Little, Brown, 2008.

Say, Allen.  Kamishibai Man. Houghton Mifflin, 2005.

Say, Allen. Te Con Leche. Leon: Everest, 2001.

Turner, Pamela S.  Hachiko: the True Story of a Loyal Dog. Houghton Mifflin, 2004.

Vyner, Tim. World Team. Roaring Brook Press, 2002.



Lee-Tai, Amy.  A Place Where Sunflowers Grow. Children''s Book Press, 2006.

Noguchi, Rick. Flowers from Mariko. Lee & Low Books, 2001.

Rockwell, Anne F. Valentine's Day. HarperCollins Publishers, 2001.

Uchida, Yoshiko.  The Bracelet.  Putnam & Grosset, 1996.



Pats, Nancy. Who was the woman who wore the hat? Dutton Books, 2003.

Wayland, April Halprin.  New Year at the Pier: A Rosh Hashanah Story. Dial Books, 2009.

Weber, Elka.  The Yankee at the Seder. Tricycle Press, 2009.



Barasch, Lynne. First Come the Zebra.  Lee & Low Books, 2009.

Brown, Don.  The Good Lion. Houghton Mifflin, 2005.

Chamberlin, Mary.  Mama Panya's Pancakes: a Village Tale from Kenya. Barefoot Books, 2005.

Cunnane, Kelly.  For You are a Kenyan Child. Atheneum Books, 2006.

Cunnane, Kelly.  Chirchir is Singing. Schwartz & Wade Books, 2011.

Vyner, Tim. World Team. Roaring Brook Press, 2002.

Winter, Jeanette.  Wangari's Trees of Peace: a True Story from Africa. Harcourt, 2008.



Bae, Hyun-Joo.  New Clothes for New Year's Day. Kane/Miller 2007.

Choi, Yangsook. The name Jar. Knopf, 2001.

Choi, Yangsook.  Peach Heaven. Farrar, Straus & Giroux, 2005.

Lee, Suzy.  The Zoo. Kane/Miller, 2007.

Lin, Grace. Where on earth is my bagel? Lee & Low Books, 2001.

Park, Linda Sue. The firekeeper's son. Clarion Books, 2004.



Bunting, Eve. Jin Woo. Clarion Books, 2001.

Heo, Yumi.  Ten Days and Nine Nights: an Adoption Story. Schwartz & Wade Books, 2009.

Park, Frances.  The Have a Good Day Cafe. Lee & Low Books, 2005.

Recorvits, Helen. My Name is Yoon. Frances Foster Books, 2003.

Recorvits, Helen.  Yoon and the Christmas Mitten. Farrar, Straus & Giroux, 2006.

Wong, Janet S. The trip back home. Harcourt, Inc., 2000.



Diakte, Penda.  I Lost My Tooth in Africa. Scholastic Press, 2006.

Diakite, Baba Wague. The Magic Gourd. Schoalstic Press, 2003.

McKissack, Pat. Never Forgotten. Schwartz & Wade Books, 2011.

Winter, Jeanette. My Baby. Frances Foster Books, 2001.


Cruise, Robin. Little Mama Forgets. Farrar, Straus & Giroux, 2006.

Elya, Susan Middleton. Home at last. Lee & Low Books, 2002.

Johnston, Tony.  Angel City. Philomel Books, 2006.

Johnston, Tony.  My Abuelita. Harcourt, 2009.

Mora, Pat.  I Pledge Allegiance.  Knopf, 2014.

Perez, Amada Irma. My very own room. Children's Book Press, 2000.

Perez, L. King. First day in Grapes. Lee & Low Books, 2002.

Rivera-Ashford, Roni Capin.  Hip, Hip, Hooray. It's Monsoon Day! Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum Press, 2007.

Tafolia, Carmen.  What Can You Do with a Rebozo? Tricycle Press, 2008.

Tafolia, Carmen.  Fiesta Babies.  Tricycle Press, 2010.

Tafolia, Carmen.  What Can You Do with a Paleta? Tricycle Press, 2009.

Tonatiuh, Duncan.  Dear Primo: a Letter to My Cousin. Abrams Books for Young Readers, 2010.



Geeslin, Campbell,  Elena's Serenade.  Atheneum Books, 2004.

Geeslin, Campbell, Clara and Senor Frog. Schwartz & Wade Books, 2007.

Madrigal, Antonio Hernandez. Erandi's Braids. Puffin Books, 2001.

Morales, Yuyi. Just a minute: a trickster tale and counting book. Chronicle Books, 2003.

Morales, Yuyi.  Just in Case: a Trickster Tale and Spanish Alphabet Book.  Roaring Book Press, 2008.

Perez, Amada Irma. My Diary from Here to There. Children's Book Press, 2002.

Ryan, Pam Munoz. Mice and Beans. Scholastic, 2001.

Swope, Sam. Gotta Go! Gotta Go! Farrar Staus and Giroux, 2000.

Timberlake, Amy. The Dirty Cowboy. Farrar Straus Giroux, 2003.

Winter, Jeanette. Calavera Abecedario: a Day of the Dead Alphabet Book. Harcourt, 2004.



Balouch, Kristen.  Mystery Bottle. Hyperion, 2006.

Gauch, Sarah.  Voyage to the Pharos. Viking, 2009.

Kimmel, Eric A.  Joha Makes a Wish: a Middle Eastern Tale. Marshall Cavendish Children, 2010.

Rumford, James.  Silent Music: a Story of Baghdad. Roaring Brook Press, 2008.

Simpson, Lesley.  Yuvi's Candy Tree. Kar-Ben Pub., 2011.

Winter, Jeanette.  The Librarian of Basra: a True Story from Iraq. Harcourt, 2005.



Alalou, Elizabeth.  The Butter Man. Charlesbridge, 2008.

Baker, Jeannie.  Mirror. Candlewick Press, 2010.

Ichikawa, Satomi.  My Father's Shop. Kane/Miller Book Publisher,  2006.




Alarid, Carilyn. Talks All Day Has the Courage to Speak.  Sunstone Press, 2006.

Boyden, Linda. The Blue Roses. Lee & Low Books.

Bruchac, Joseph.  Many Nations: an Alphabet of Native America. Scholastic, 2004.

Campbell, Nicola.  Shin-chi's Canoe. Groundwood Books, 2008.

Campbell, NIcola.  Shi-shi-etko. Groundwood Books, 2005.

Harjo, Joy. The Good Luck Cat. Harcourt, 2000.

King, Thomas.  A Coyote Solstice Tale. Groundwood Books, 2009.

Messinger, Carla.  When the Shadbush Blooms. Tricycle Press, 2007.

Noble, Trinka Hakes.  Legend of MIchigan. Sleeping Bear Press, 2006.

Orona-Ramirez, Kristy.  Kiki's Journey. Children's Book Press, 2006.

Slusher-Haas, Kathy Jo.  Southeast Indians: Daily Life in the 1500s.  Capstone Press, 2006.

Sneve, Virginia Driving Hawk.  Bad River Boys: a Meeting of the Lakota Sioux with Lewis and Clark.  Holiday House, 2005.

Sockabasin, Allen.  Thanks to the Animals. Tilbury House, 2005.

Tingle, Tim.  Crossing Bok Chitto: a Choctaw Tale of Friendship & Freedom. Cinco Puntos Press, 2006.



Khan, Rukhsana.  King for a Day.  Lee & Low Books, 2013.

Shea, Pegi Deitz.  The Carpet Boy's Gift. Tilbury House, 2006.

Williams, Karen Lynn. Four Feet, Two Sandals. Eerdmans, 2007.



Gonzelex, Lucia M.  Storyteller's Candle. Children's Book Press, 2008.

Manzano, Sonia.  No Dogs Allowed! Atheneum, 2004.

Velasquez, Eric.  Grandma's Gift. Walker, 2010.



Delacre, Lulu.  Rafi and Rosi. Rayo, 2006.

Velasquez, Eric. Grandma's Records. Walker & Co., 2001.



Daly, Niki. Once Upon a Time. Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2003.

Winter, Jeanette.  Elsina's Clouds.  Frances Foster Books, 2004.



Fang, Suzhen. Grandma Lives in a Perfume Village. NorthSouth Books, 2015.

Wahl, Jan.  Candy Shop.  Charlesbridge, 2004.



Bodeen, Stephanie. Babu's Song. Lee & Low Books, 2003.

Krebs, Laurie.  We All Went on Safari: a Counting Journey through Tanzania.  Barefoot, 2004.



Berger, Barbara Helen. All the way to Lhasa: a tale from Tibet. Philomel Books, 2002.

Brown, Don. Far beyond the Garden Gate. Houghton Mifflin Co., 2002.

Ruddra, Anshumani.  Dorje's Stripes.  Kane Miller, 2011.



Gilani-Williams, Fawzia.  Nabeel's New Pants: an Eid Tale. Marshall Cavendish, 2010.


Compiled July 2012 by Stephen Katz

Revised July 2013



Van, Muon. In a Village by the Sea. Creston Books, LLC, 2015.

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