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Films in Arabic

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1. Adrift on the Nile (ثرثرة فوق النيل). Kamāl, Ḥusayn. 1971.
The drama protrays the decadent life of a group of middle-aged, hedonistic friends on a houseboat in Cairo on the eve of the 1967 war with Israel.
EMC-Audiovisual. Format: DVD. Call Number: PN1997 .A31135 2003


2. Ajami (عجمي). Copti, Scandar. 2009
A crime drama exploring five different stories set in an actual impoverished Christian-and-Muslim Palestinian neighborhood of the Tel Aviv-Jaffa metropolis, called Ajami.
EMC-Audiovisual. Format: DVD. Call Number: PN1997 .A3658 2009


3. Alexandria, Again and Again (إسكندرية كمان وكمان). Youssef Chahine. 1989.
The third chapter of Chahine's Alexandria trilogy
Yehia joins a hunger protest which has brought together the entire Egyptian filmmaking industry. As the strikers increase their demands, Yehia becomes increasingly attracted to Amir, a young actor whose film career he launched. Soon, however, Yehia's obsession is replaced by his infatuation with Nadia, the lovely ingénue he has decided to cast in his next film.
EMC-Audiovisual. Format: DVD. Call Number: PN1997 .A3712 2000


4. Alexandria… Why? (إسكندرية ليه‎). Youssef Chahine. 1978.
The first chapter of Chahine's Alexandria trilogy.
18-year-old Yehia retreats from the poverty, death and suffering all around him in World War II Egypt and dreams of one day becoming a Hollywood filmmaker. But after he falls in love and discovers the harsh truths behind the European occupation of his country, Yehia reassesses his identity and allegiances.
EMC-Audiovisual. Format: DVD. Call Number: PN1997 .A37125 2000


5. An Egyptian Salad (Salata baladi). Kamel, Nadia. 2007
Nadia Kamel is an Egyptian with Jews, Muslims and Christians in her family. Her documentary uses her multicultural ancestry to examine Egyptian history and identity.
EMC-Audiovisual. Format: DVD. Call Number: DT71 .S35 2007


6. An Egyptian Story (يوسف شاهين). Youssef Chahine. 1982.
The second chapter of Chahine's Alexandria trilogy.
In the middle of his own heart surgery, an Egyptian filmmaker remembers his life. In fact his old self, as a child, is accused of attempted murder of his new self. Through the metaphoric trial, we are drawn into his life in relation with the Egyptian revolution, his constant need for success, and the effect the American Dream has on him.
EMC-Audiovisual. Format: DVD. Call Number: PN1997 .E455 2000


7. Honorable Murder. Films for the Humanities & Sciences. 1999
Note: Film is in Swedish and Arabic.
Examines the cultural tradition that makes women the talisman of family honor and the practice of atoning for "dishonor" with their blood. Provides an in-depth analysis of Middle East culture that is slowly changing as it overcomes centuries of tradition.
EMC-Audiovisual. Format: VHS. Call Number: HQ1726.5 .H67 1999


8. A Man in Our House (Fi baitina rajul). Henri Barakat. 1961
Set prior to the 1952 revolution, a member of an underground resistance group seeks refuge from the political police with a civil servant and his family.
EMC-Audiovisual. Format: DVD. Call Number: PN1997 .M28917 2003


9. The Nightingale's Prayer (دعاء الكروان). Henri Barakat. 1959.
This compelling tale of love and betrayal, set in the upper Egyptian countryside, follows the story of Amna as she plots her revenge on the engineer who destoryed her family's honor. The Nightingale's Prayer is a gripping portrait of a courageous young woman's rebellion against tradition and poverty.
EMC-Audiovisual. Format: DVD. Call Number: PN1997 .N53 2004


10. Paradise Now (الجنّة الآن). Abu-Assad, Hany. 2005
The story of what may be the last 48 hours in the lives of two Palestinian men who have been recruited as suicide bombers. When they are intercepted at the Israeli border, a young woman who discovers their plan causes them to reconsider their actions.
EMC-Audiovisual. Format: DVD. Call Number: PN1997 .P32 2006



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