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Overview of the EMC

Mission, Collections and Hours

The Education Materials Center (EMC) provides services and collections for education students, faculty, and staff of UW Oshkosh and the community. Staff at the EMC Service Desk will answer ready reference questions, help locate resources, assist in researching the library's databases, as well as guide patrons as they search the library's online catalog. The EMC Service Desk is open approximately 35 hours per week. All collections in the EMC area are available to patrons during the 98 ½ hours the library is open during the fall and spring semesters. The EMC remains accessible all hours the library is open at other times of the year, such as semester breaks, interim and summer.

The EMC Collection consists of instructional materials designed primarily to serve the needs of UW Oshkosh pre-service teachers and faculty. Included in the collection are children's, adolescent and young adult fiction and non-fiction books, K-12 textbooks, curriculum guides, educational software, children's magazines, a reference collection, and audiovisual (AV) resources. The AV Collection includes videos, kits, games and posters, and serves the needs of the entire UW Oshkosh campus. The EMC also has an extensive collection of Native American books for children and teachers. This collection was made possible by a generous donation of $15,000 from a former library employee, Jeanette Elmer. EMC staff has created over 25 bibliographies which highlight current "best" titles in children's and YA literature. All these titles can be found in the EMC. A vital part of the EMC's "collection" is available via its extensive website: EMC.

The EMC is located on the North Side of the First Floor of the Polk Library, across from the Polk Computer Lab.


The EMC Website

A portion of the EMC's resources can be found on its website: EMC. This website provides access to an extensive array of education resources. Among the different types of resources found here are those that provide information about children's and YA literature; lesson plans appropriate to all levels of the PreK-12 curriculum; academic standards; children's book awards; children's and YA authors and illustrators; and a broad range of PreK-12 bibliographies.

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