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Education Materials in Polk Library

Education Materials in the "Main Collection"

The "Main Collection" refers to the bulk of Polk Library's holdings. It is, essentially, everything other than such specialized in-house collections as the Archives, Browsing Collection, Government Documents and the Education Materials Center. With respect to the study of education, the Main Collection includes books about the history, psychology, philosophy, theory and practice of education. Many other topics related to the study of education are also found in the Main Collection .

Of books published since 1999, Polk Library has 3,763 books in the L Class (Education):

  • L-LA (History of Education): 177
  • LB (Theory and Practice of Education): 2,549
  • LC (Special Aspects of Education): 996
  • LD-LT (Individual Institutions, Etc.): 41


Education Journals

The library's collection of education journals consists of both print and electronic journals. Peer-reviewed journals comprise a significant portion of our holdings.

Education Materials Center
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