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Many times when you're searching on the library website for magazine or journal articles, you'll find "full text" - in other words, the full article is right there online. You may have noticed, though, that not all of the articles in your results list have full text links. How can you get a copy of these articles?

Most of the library's search tools will have a orange "Get Full Text " button - click on this to open a new window and find out where to get a copy of that article. There are three possible places the "Get Full Text " window will suggest:

  1. First, the article might be online somewhere else. For example, if there's no full text in Ebsco, the article may be online in a different website and you can follow the "Article" link to the full text article. If there's another website listed on the "Get Full Text " screen, click the "Article" link to go into that website. Most of the time, like in this case, it will take you right to the full text of the article you want. Alternately, you may see only a "Jounral" link. In this case, following the link to the Journal will take you to the right search screen and you'll need to search for the title of the article yourself.
  2. If there are no links to "Article" or "Journal", that means the article isn't online. It may be in the Polk Library collection, and and you can click on the Polk Library Catalog link - this will automatically do the catalog search for you. If the library subscribes to the journal, scroll down and make sure we've got the year and volumeyou're looking for. In some cases, we have the subscription up to the current issue, which would be located in Polk 101. Polk Library often has journals back issues of journals. These can be found on the second floor of Polk in the Bound Periodicals section. If you are a distance education student, you may subit a request via interlibrary loan for this item, even if it is on the shelf in Polk. The form to request an item is found here: ILL Request Form.
    You must have a 16-digit TitanCard ID number to complete the form. Here is a link to a short film showing you how to access this number online:
  3. If "Get Full Text " doesn't give you a link to another website, and library doesn't subscribe to the title you need, your third option is to request a copy from another library through interlibrary loan. On the Get Full Text page, it will say "Sorry, no holdings were found for this journal." We'll get a copy of the article for you and send it to you online. Click the ILLiad link, that says "Submit an interlibrary loan request" to log in, and it should automatically fill in the request form for you. All you need to do is scroll down and click "submit request". Articles usually arrive in 2-5 business days - we'll send an email to your university email account when it's available. Be sure to indicate that you are off-campus by noting that you are a DE student in the notes field of the form.


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