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CAPP Instructors and Students

As instructors and students in the UW Oshkosh CAPP program, you have access to all the same library services and resources as other instructors and students at the university. Some resources that might be of particular interest for your teaching and research include:


Tips for Planning a Library Instruction Session for Your Students

UW Oshkosh library staff are happy to lead library instruction sessions for your students to help them search for, evaluate, and locate resources more effectively, whether in our building or online. Following are some tips to help you prepare for the session:

  • Plan the session when your students have a research need. Students are more motivated and get more out of the sessions when they have a research assignment and can apply the concepts right away to their own topics.
  • Send a copy of the research assignment to the library. Our library staff tailor each presentation to each individual class and will emphasize what databases, reference books, and areas of the library will be most helpful for the topics at hand. If the librarian has a copy of the assignment, or examples of student topics, she or he can prepare much more thoroughly.
  • Plan to attend the library session with your students. Not only do we think you'll learn about some great research sources for you to use in your classroom, but also library staff - and your students - may have questions about the research assignment throughout the session. Also, your students will likely ask *you* questions later about research, so it's good to know what's been covered by the librarian in the session.
  • Contact the library at least one week in advance to schedule. This allows library staff time to prepare a session specifically for the needs of your students' research. Also, some times of the semester are busier than others at Polk Library, and requesting a session ahead of time can help reserve the date and time you prefer.
  • If you are requesting a session at your school, please have your students log into their university email and change their passwords before the session. Your students will use their UW Oshkosh email usernames and passwords to log into the library's article search tools from off-campus, and they must change their passwords from the default before this is activated. Doing this beforehand can save time during the session for more research-related topics. See the Academic Computing FAQ page for details on logging into university email.
  • If you will be doing research at the UW Oshkosh library, ask your students to bring money for photocopies. Reference books and periodicals cannot be checked out from our library, so if students want to use information from these sources, they'll need to photocopy pages. Photocopies are 10 cents a page, so a couple dollars should be sufficient for anything they'd need.

Library Instruction Request Form

If you're a CAPP instructor and wish to schedule a library instruction session for a class, please fill out the online request form and submit it to us. The Library Instruction Coordinator, Marisa Finkey, will contact you either by phone or email.

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