United States Sources


This database form the Environmental Protection Agency provides water quality data for wetlands, oceans and watersheds from across the United States.

Web Soil Survey

This interactive site allows users to access county soil survey information from throughout the United states and create maps of areas of interest to them.


The National Institutes of Health maintains this site which allows users to create maps cross tabulating data fields from mortality statistics with the Toxic Release Inventory (TRI)from the Environmental Protection Agency.


This site presented by the National Library of Medicine provides information about the occupational exposure to hazardous materials.

U.S. Forest Service

This is the web portal for the U.S. Forest Service, the agency responsible for overseeing the management of our nations forests and protecting the environment.


Treesearch is a database for searching the digital collection of U.S. Forest Service Research Station publications.

Environment Conservation Online System

This site sponsored by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is a gateway web site that provides access applications which manage data regarding threatened and endangered species, fisheries,and habitat conservation.

Tox Town

Tox Town helps students and teachers learn about environmental health concerns and toxic chemicals pictured in various community scenarios.