Highly Recommended

Lessons are based on the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) principles and standards for school mathematics and on the Common Core standards. This is one of the very best lesson plan resources for math.

LearnZillion is a learning platform that combines video lessons, assessments, and progress reporting. Each lesson highlights a Common Core standard. Video lessons, etc. for math in grades 3-9.


More Recommended Lesson Plans

This resource is the result of a collaboration between Better Lesson and NEA. Over 130 master teachers share the lessons they teach.

Lesson plans written by teachers for teachers.

Lesson Plans organized by grade range.

Lesson plans, unit plans, classroom activities & more. This award winning site has been in operation since 1995. It is maintained by faculty and students at the University of Regina in Canada.

A stellar resource for the math teacher since 1992 out of Drexel University. It is maintained by teachers, mathematicians, researchers, students and parents.

Activities organized by NCTM math standards.

"PBS LearningMedia provides educators with strategies, tools, and professional development resources needed to fully utilize digital learning." (from the website)

Lesson plans, unit plans, discussion guides, and extension activities pertaining to math.


Other Math Resources

The Best Evidence Encyclopedia is a free web site created by the Johns Hopkins University School of Education's Center for Data-Driven Reform in Education (CDDRE) under funding from the Institute of Education Sciences, U.S. Department of Education. It is intended to give educators and researchers fair and useful information about the strength of the evidence supporting a variety of programs available for students in grades K-12. (Description taken from the website.)

All kinds of pre-made math worksheets for grades K-5. Also, customized math worksheets for basic facts, counting, money, multiplication tables, telling time and word problems. Could be a real time saver!

"This database lists over one thousand short stories, plays, novels, films, and comic books containing math or mathematicians." (from the website) Might be of interest to those integrating math and literature.


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