EMC Holdings

EMC collections as of July 2016:

  • Children's and Young Adult Fiction: 6,784
  • Children's and YA Nonfiction: 13,479
  • Picture Books: 7,059
  • EMC Reference Books: 930
  • Teaching Ideas: 1,665
  • K-12 Textbooks: 3,170
  • Graphic Novels: 45

Children's and Young Adult Literature

This collection supports the curriculum of the UW Oshkosh College of Education and Human Services as well as other colleges on the campus. It includes picture books, easy readers, fiction and non-fiction titles for preschool through high school students. Emphasis is placed on award winning titles, honor and notable books in many subject areas, and exemplary titles which support a cross-curricula approach to teaching. The EMC collection values resources of all kinds that represent all cultural groups. The EMC Staff regularly create bibliographies which reflect the "best" titles in the EMC collection. You can view these online by clicking on our Bibliographies link.

This collection is continually being evaluated in order to ensure that it represents the highest quality of literature, both classic and contemporary, for this audience. New titles are continually being added.


K-12 Textbook Collection

This collection consists of textbooks used in most areas of the PreK-12 curriculum. The collection is being continuously upgraded, and ongoing efforts are made to obtain current textbooks. The collection includes some textbooks which are currently used in Fox Valley schools. Emphasis in the textbook collection is on materials published within the last 10 years. Textbooks are organized by the Library of Congress classification system, and all are searchable using the online catalog.


EMC Reference Collection

The Reference Collection is home to many valuable and current reference books including indexes to children's, adolescent and young adult literature. Additionally, the national education standards in most subject areas, the Phi Delta Kappa Fastback Collection, general encyclopedias, atlases, dictionaries, and bibliographies are also available here. This collection is continually updated.


Teaching Ideas Collection

The EMC's Teaching Ideas Collection consists of books that are, in particular, useful to students taking methods classes, doing a practicum or student teaching. These books provide information that can be readily applied to classroom teaching. This is a very useful collection for students needing to find lesson plans, unit plans, behavior management strategies, book suggestions for in-class use, etc.


Educational Software

The EMC AV collection has approximately 120 pieces of educational software, including DVDs, compact discs, and accompanying teacher manuals. For a list of software holdings intended for students PreK-12, see our Educational Software Bibliography. The EMC has one Macintosh and three IBM-compatible multimedia workstations which are available for students, faculty and instructional academic staff to review EMC software. Many other computers are available throughout the library and in the computer lab. The multimedia workstations are located near the AV Collection in the EMC.


Audiovisual Collection

The UW Oshkosh Audiovisual Collection is located in the EMC. This collection includes videos, DVDs, educational software, kits, games, posters, cassette tapes, puppets and other resource materials for future teachers. Many new videos continue to be added to the collection. Reviews of some of our AV materials can be found in the EMC Reference Collection. The AV Collection has as its scope all colleges and departments on campus and services the media needs of faculty and students, including the College of Education.


Curriculum Guides and Standards

Current Curriculum Guides for the Oshkosh Area School District and Appleton Area School District are available via the EMC's website: Standards. In addition, state and national standards for subject areas covered in the PreK-12 curriculum are available in print in the EMC's Reference Collection and online via the EMC website.


PreK-12 Education Testing Materials

The EMC does not have a collection of sample tests that can be used to assess skills, perceptions or other measurements. However, a collection of testing materials is available in the CESA Media Center (CMC) located at the North end of the lower level of the library. There are tests to measure reading, math, spelling, and written language as well as adaptive behavior, articulation, receptive language, and more.


Electronic access to reviews of tests is available through the databases ERIC and Education Research Complete.


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