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Collections Under Review

Polk Library undergoes a continuous weeding of the collection. When we have identified books to withdraw we post those links here for faculty review.

Therapeutics, Psychotherapy  (RC 475 - RC 489)

Polk Library is in the process of updating our collection of medical and nursing books. As we add new materials we are evaluating our existing collection and identifying titles to withdraw from the collection. Our criteria for evaluating items includes age and use. Our intent is to have a current collection of materials for student learning and faculty research.

The list of proposed withdrawals is linked to here in Excel: RC475_RC489

It contains 384 titles in the following sub-categories:

  • Psychiatry - Psychotherapy - Periodicals, Societies, Serials (5)
  • Psychiatry - Psychotherapy - General Works (101)
  • Psychiatry - Psychotherapy - General Special (93)
  • Psychiatry - Chronic Mental Illness (2)
  • Psychiatry - Brief Psychotherapy (5)
  • Psychiatry - Psychotherapy - Crisis Intervention (15)
  • Psychiatry - Psychotherapy - Interviewing in psychiatry and mental health (3)
  • Psychiatry - Psychotherapy - Psychotherapist and the Patient (6)
  • Psychiatry - Psychotherapy - Client Centered Psychotherapy (1)
  • Psychiatry - Chemotherapy, Psychopharmacology (29)
  • Psychiatry - Occupational Therapy (3)
  • Psychiatry - Group Therapy (45)
  • Psychiatry - Family Therapy (36)
  • Psychiatry - Other therapies and special aspects of therapy, A-Z (40)

Please send feedback to Ron Hardy ( by Friday March 21, 2014.

Water Damaged Books (QD 258 - QD 262; QE 1 - QE 26)

On Saturday January 11 a drain pipe sprung a leak on the third floor of the library, resulting in heavy water damage to 199 books in the QD (Organic Chemistry) and QE (Geology) sections of the Main Collection.  The list of damaged books is linked to here in Excel: Water Damaged Books

Polk Library would like input from faculty on three questions:

  1. Are there any titles on the list of damaged books that should be replaced with exact (or newer) editions?
  2. Are there other new or forthcoming books in these subject areas that we should purchase instead of the damaged books?
  3. Should the library consider purchasing e-books instead of physical copies to replace the damaged books?

Please send feedback to Ron Hardy ( by Monday February 3, 2014.

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