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Display Cases

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Polk Library has two display areas that may be reserved by UW Oshkosh organizations:

Display Cases & Dimensions

Under-stairs area:

  • Glass Case: 2 adjustable shelves, 5’ wide x 3’ high x 6” deep
  • 3 wooden shelves: free access, 5’ wide x 10" deep, unit is 7' high.  Shelf heights are adjustable.
  • 1 optional bulletin board

Lobby display:

  • Glass Case: 5 adjustable shelves, 3’ wide x 23” deep x 4’ high


Reservation Policies

  1. All display case arrangements are subject to approval by the Polk Library Administration.
  2. Polk Library and the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh are not liable for loss, damage or theft of materials placed on display.
  3. Organizations are allowed one reservation per year.  Requests for any additional reservations will be put on a waiting list.
  4. Patrons must check out a key for the display case to set up a display. A valid TitanCard is necessary to check out display case keys.
  5. Patrons are required to set up their display within two days of the scheduled start date. If another organization is on a waiting list for the display case and time period, your reservation is void after two days.
  6. Patrons are required to remove materials on or before the last date for which the display case is reserved. Failure to comply may result in materials being discarded, and your organization may be denied future access to display cases.
  7. Patrons will be notified via email when/if their reservation request has been approved.
  8. Display material including posters, signs, and other items must remain in the display area; nothing may be posted on the windows enclosing the area.
  9. Use of Polk Library display cases is a privilege. Please treat Polk Library materials and facilities with respect and adhere to these policies.
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