Sam Goldben

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Library Department
Access Services

I currently am attending the University of Wisconsin-Madison iSchool distance education program to pursue a Master's in Library and Information Sciences. I received a Bachelor of Arts degree with an English major and Creative Writing minor from the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh in 2017. Prior to that, I attended the University of Wisconsin-Fox Valley. 

Professional Background

I first started as a student employee in the Polk 101 reference area my junior year of college and planned to continue with that position while completing my Master's degree. For years, I knew I wanted to work in the library field as a career and after spending an entire year working in the library, that desire only intensified. I worked on various projects over my first summer to help the other departments in the library and that directed me in the direction of staying within Polk. Since graduating with my Bachelor's, I now work in the Circulation and Reserves department with Access Services.

University and Community Involvement

I'm an active participant in the English department, attending various events throughout the year.