Gift Policy & Procedure

I. Gifts of Books, Periodicals, and A/V Materials

1. Polk Library accepts gifts of books, periodicals, and a/v materials which support the university’s curriculum. Donors may contact the Collection Development Officer or the Acquisitions Department. The Executive Director of Polk Library shall be notified of any major collections.

2. A liaison or the Collection Development Officer shall review the collection outside of the library when possible. Alternatively, a list of materials to be donated should be submitted to the Collection Development Officer for evaluation. Small collections of 15 books or less may be brought directly to a staff member at the library, to be reviewed by the Collection Development Officer or appropriate liaison.

3. Polk Library reserves the right to reject gifts that do not support the university’s curriculum. Gifts are accepted subject to the following conditions:

A. Polk Library retains unconditional ownership of the gift.

B. Polk Library makes the final decision on use or other disposition of the gift. Unless otherwise arranged by the donor, items not added to the collection shall be disposed of as weeded material.

C. Polk Library reserves the right to decide on the conditions of display, location of, and means of access to the gift materials.

D. Polk Library is not responsible for a monetary valuation statement for tax or other purposes.

4. The appropriate liaison(s) may be assigned by the Collection Development Officer to evaluate gift titles. The liaison shall inform the Collection Development Officer of the recommendations. The Collection Development Officer will then contact the Technical Services Department regarding processing of the gift items. The Acquisitions Department will prepare an annual count of gift books added to the library’s collection.

5. Delivery of gift materials to Polk Library is the responsibility of the donor, unless other arrangements are made.

6. The Collection Development Officer shall send a letter of appreciation to the donor if requested.

7. Gift collections should be handled promptly, as received. Items will be gift-plated if requested by the donor.


II. Gifts of Money, Equipment, and Art Works

1. Gifts of money, equipment, and art works are welcomed by Polk Library. Donors must contact the Executive Director. All such offers made indirectly should be referred to the Executive Director, so that he/she may be involved in the entire process.

2. For monetary gifts, unless the donors indicate particular interest in the kind of items they prefer to be purchased, purchasing decisions shall be made by the library. In processing the purchased gift items, established Gift Policy and Procedure rules shall be followed.

3. In the case of art works or equipment, the Executive Director shall report the gift’s acceptance to the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh Foundation Office. The Foundation Office will report the gift to the Regents.

4. In the case of gifts of art works, the Risk Management Office should also be notified by the library so that arrangements can be made for insurance purposes.

5. The Executive Director of Polk Library shall send a letter of appreciation to the donor following receipt of the gift.

6. Any exceptions to the above should be negotiated between the donor and the Executive Director of Polk Library.

Revised January 1994