Community Use of Polk Library Computing Facilities

Internet Access

All users of internet access in Polk Library must have a signed Internet Access Agreement on file.

All users must also be eligible for and receive a NEW ERA community card prior to obtaining Internet access. To be eligible for a NEW ERA community card users must:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Live in Wisconsin
  • Present valid photo identification with current address

A community patron internet account will grant access to both the campus wireless network as well as select computers at Polk Library.

NEW ERA community users are limited to one hour of computer access per day using library computers and are limited to using only the computers designated as available to community users. Currently, 4 computers on the 2nd floor are available. Wireless usage is not limited by time.

Whether using your own computer or a library computer, all users must abide by the same policies. Community use of library computers & internet access is a privilege, not a right.

Usernames & passwords will expire on December 31st of each calendar year. Accounts can be renewed after annual verification of contact information.

Printing is unavailable for community users.


Code of Conduct

All users of internet access in Polk Library must abide by all state and federal laws. In addition, all users must abide by UW Oshkosh’s Acceptable Use Policy.

Some key examples of prohibited conduct to be aware of from the Acceptable Use Policy:

  • Intentionally creating, displaying, printing or transmitting information which violates the University's sexual harassment policy.
  • Generation of excessive network traffic exceeding levels which create errors or performance problems for all users.
  • Use of computer accounts, access codes, or network identification numbers other than those assigned to you.
  • Setting up network servers or network services without the prior authorization of the network management staff.
  • Violating copyright laws and the University's licensing agreements with commercial vendors of information.

UW Oshkosh reserves the right to access, monitor, and/or appropriate an individual’s user account when there are urgent and compelling circumstances such as investigating University policy violations or illegal activities.

Violators of the UW Oshkosh Acceptable Use Policy and any state or federal laws, may lose computing privileges and may also be subject to prosecution by state and/or federal authorities under law.


Access to Library Resources

Your NEW ERA library card can also be used as a library card to check out materials. Community users are allowed to check out up to 20 books at one time. Videos, software & other media are not available for checkout but may be available to be used in-house.

You also have in-house use of all electronic library resources & databases that Polk Library subscribes to. Off-campus access is not available.

Questions about this or any other library policies should be directed to the Library Director.