Polk Promise - Strategic Goals of the Library

Polk Library will provide research and educational materials, customer services, information instruction and learning spaces to students, faculty, and staff in a modern, responsive and professional manner. To accomplish this, the library commits itself to 10 strategies:

Develop and curate high quality resources that support student learning and faculty research by:

Curating a collection of current and historical materials in cooperation with UW System partners through purchase, lease, or loan;

Maintaining the unique Area Research Center partnership with the Wisconsin Historical Society that allows for local access to primary sources of regional, state and national significance;

Committing to a variety of formats; valuing digital when possible;

Making use of on-demand and just-in-time transactions to deliver materials at the time of need.

Provide responsive service to students, faculty and staff by:

Ensuring high-quality services are available regardless of user type or location through in-house, remote and online means;

Committing to services tailored to individual user needs.

Implement flexible information instruction programs that improve student information literacy and critical thinking skills by:

Prioritizing staffing to ensure that face-to-face and online instruction is available at times and locations that meet user needs;

Implementing new approaches to instruction as appropriate to course or degree needs.

Create diverse learning environments that support user success by:

Developing “learning common” spaces where users have access to differentiated seating, duplication equipment, computer workstations with standard applications and knowledgeable library staff;

Creating separate group study spaces that support collaborative work in technologically-rich environments;

Providing quiet study spaces throughout the building where users can work alone with an expectation of silence;

Maintaining regular hours that meet most users’ needs and extended hours when appropriate;

Offering convenient food and beverage retail space in cooperation with campus food service providers.

Foster a culture of assessment, improvement and innovation by:

Regularly evaluating collections to ensure stewardship of library resources;

Developing multiple methods of engaging with the University community regarding library matters;

Using analytics, focus groups and usability studies to gather and analyze quantitative and qualitative data to continuously evaluate collections and services;

Prioritizing funds for the development of new services and products;

Empowering staff to take risks and experiment with new approaches to library work;

Utilizing the best in innovative technologies and services provided openly by the library community.

Enhance the discovery of library resources and services by:

Developing a website that meets or exceeds best practices of academic libraries in design, content and web-based services;

Positioning digital services in visible and convenient locations including mobile applications, course management systems, student portals, and academic department websites;

Enhancing capabilities that permit searching across multiple information platforms;

Prioritizing staff to provide coordinated and proactive support for distance education students in cooperation with faculty.

Engage with campus priorities to help UW Oshkosh innovate in its mission to provide “quality educational opportunities to the people of northeastern Wisconsin and beyond” by:

Contributing to the University Studies Program through information literacy education and curricular support;

Developing proactive support to distance education students and faculty;

Ensuring collections and services expand to support engineering technology, and executive MBA and other future degree programs.

Provide service to and cooperation with professional, campus and public communities by:

Maintaining the library’s strong role in the Council of UW Libraries, UW System Archives Council, Fox River Library Council, Wisconsin Library Services (WiLS) and others;

Encouraging staff participation and leadership in the library profession through active roles in regional and national professional organizations;

Sharing openly with the library community the tools and best practices developed in-house;

Contributing staff to serve on a variety of University committees and groups;

Providing opportunities for the general public to better understand and make use of the library’s collections, services and facilities.

Develop a knowledgeable, dedicated and service-oriented staff by:

Hiring for the future needs of the library based on observed trends;

Enhancing professional development of staff through travel and educational support;
Maintaining a positive and collegial work environment;

Encouraging a culture of innovation and experimentation in library work.

Ensure responsible stewardship of university resources by:

Collaborating with UW System partners to negotiate licenses to slow the rising cost of library materials and services;

Enhancing collections through the resource sharing activities rather than purchase;

Mentoring and promoting employees when appropriate.


Passed by Library Coordinating Committee: 3/18/2013