Library Materials Budget Reduction Plan for FY20

In order to prepare a balanced library materials budget for FY20, it will be necessary to reduce our projected expenses by over $130,000. This projected deficit is a consequence of a combination of budget cuts given to the library’s FY20 budget, 12-14% increase in subscription costs, the end of one-time monies, and unanticipated database expenses over the last 12 months.


This period of fiscal recovery on campus, with the 3% cut in FY20 following a 5.7% cut to the materials budget in FY19, follows a decade of budget cuts to the library’s base materials budget. To put this in perspective, the FY20 materials budget ($724,821) is 18% below the FY09 budget ($888,327) - a reduction of $163,506 over the last 11 years. During this same time, the costs of academic resources has risen from 3% to 15% annually. This is not a sustainable budget situation.


Over the past 12 years, Polk Library has taken many measures to address our declining budget and increased information costs. We have moved all journal subscriptions from print to online, we have eliminated standing orders, eliminated a book approval plan, drastically reduced our print book and media budgets, eliminated our participation as a Federal Depository for Government Documents, cancelled journal subscriptions, and cancelled databases. At the same time, we have continued to add needed resources to meet evolving academic needs. We have increased our access to online journal content, e-books and online streaming video content.


UW Oshkosh is now long past the point where cuts to the library’s budget will go unnoticed by researchers. Every cut we make impacts students or faculty and the quality of research materials they have access to. While we try to limit impact by factoring in cost-per-use metrics, important research needs will continue to go unmet.


Consequently, UW Oshkosh Libraries proposes to reduce spending in FY20 by cancelling the following subscriptions:


  • Sage Premier Online Journal Package
  • Oxford E-Journals Package
  • Several Individual Online Journal Subscriptions
  • BioOne database
  • Institute of Physics Database
  • MathSciNet Database
  • Mental Measurements Yearbook Online
  • Oxford English Dictionary Online
  • Oxford Music Reference Database
  • Alexander Street Press streaming video subscription
  • Cabells Directory of Publishing Opportunities Online


This budget proposal will leave us with a $35,000 surplus, necessary for an anticipated shift of the cost of the American Chemical Society Journals Online from UW System to our own local budget next year. However there will not be enough surplus to cover the costs of IEEE online resource, which will also no longer be funded by UW System. These two critical resources have been generously paid by UW System for the last four years, but will no longer be covered by system after this fiscal year.