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Intern and Volunteer Media Picks

Each semester our motivated and talented interns and volunteers are selecting books and films from our library and writing reviews for your enjoyment. We hope you find them useful as you browse through our library choosing your next book to read.

Book Reviews

Click on the links below for our review:

As Nature Made Him

Balancing on the Mechita: Transgender in Jewish Community

Claire of the Moon

Drowning in Fire

Enforcing Normalcy: Disability, Deafness, and the Body

The Ethical Slut

Homosexuality and Christian Faith: Questions of Conscience for the Churches

Intersex and Identity: The Contested Self

Love On a Two Way Street

Mama's Boy, Preacher's Son

The Other Side of Paradise

She's Not There

Transgender Voices: Beyond Women and Men

Two for One

Why Marriage Matters  




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