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Requirements for the Minor

Information about requirements for the Latin American Studies Minor.

Ponte Newton Navarro

Requirements for the Minor

A total of 24 credits is required for the minor.

There is one required course: 59-420 Seminar in Latin American Studies

The remaining 21 credits must be taken from courses across at least four teaching departments.   This requirement provides minors with a broader understanding in Latin American Studies and the multi-disciplinary nature of regional studies.  The requirements are designed to give students the opportunity to study the Latin American area from the perspective of diverse disciplines and points of view.  The minor concludes with the required integrating interdisciplinary senior seminar.  

See the Course Offerings link for a list of courses.  Relevant courses not listed here may be considered for credit toward the minor on an individual basis; please see your advisor or the Latin American Studies Coordinator.

There is no language requirement; however, students are strongly advised to include at least two years of Spanish in their studies. 

Students are also strongly encouraged to take advantage of the University's many short and long term study abroad programs in Latin America.  Please see the Office of International Education home page for more information. 

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