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Course Offerings

A list of all the courses offered in the Latin American Studies Program.


Anthro 328 Peasant and Contemporary Cultures of Latin America 
Anthro 360 MesoAmerican Culture 
Rel. Studies 356 Religion and Liberation Ethics

Department of Foreign Languages and Literature: Spanish Division

Spanish 320 Survey of Latin America Literature I 
Spanish 325 Survey of Latin American Literature II 
Spanish 334 Latin American Civilization Spanish 335 Mexican Civilization 
Spanish 364 Special Topics in Latin American Literature: Optional Content 
Spanish 365 Special Topics in Latin American Civilization: Optional Content 
Spanish 375 Masterpieces of Spanish American Literature in English Translation 
Spanish 420 Latin American Short Story

Department of Geography and Urban Planning

Geography 319 Latin America (GS)

Department of History

History 381 Latin America to 1825  
History 382 Modern Latin America 
History 346 Gender in Latin America

International Studies Program

Int. Studies 308 Revolution and Development  
Int. Studies 309 Honors: Revolution and Development  
Int. Studies 321 Central American Culture 
Int. Studies 420 Seminar in Latin American Studies

Department of Political Science

Poli Science 379 Latin American Government and Politics 
Poli Science 383 Latin America in International Relations


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