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Robert Sipes

sipesEmail Address

Office Location

Kolf 169-H

Office Phone Number


Recent Courses Taught

Kinesiol 121 Orientation to Kinesiology
Kinesiol 122 Kinesiology Admissions Seminar
Kinesiol 171 Prevention, Recognition, & Treatment of Athletic Injuries
Kinesiol 347 Professional Preparation in Athletic Training
Kinesiol 363 Addictive, Ergogenic, & Therapeutic Agents
Kinesiol 368 Research Techniques in Kinesiology
Kinesiol 468 Senior Thesis in Athletic Training

Educational Background

B.A., Judson College, Elgin, IL
M.S., California State University, Long Beach, CA
Ed.D., Illinois State University, Normal, IL

Research Agenda / Areas of Interest

Athletic Training Education (critical thinking, technology, problem based learning)
Injury Prevention in Overhead Athletes (upper quarter posture, scapular motion)
Alternative Methods of Rehabilitation (gaming and technology)

Outside Interests / Hobbies

 Family, Traveling, Golf, Biking 

"What does it mean to be a Kinesiology faculty member at UW-Oshkosh?"

It is exciting to be a faculty member in the Kinesiology department at UW-Oshkosh because of the potential to interact with students and to watch students grow from freshmen to professionals. The disciplines associated with the Kinesiology department are fast, energetic, health conscious fields which usually draw students who have those same characteristics.  This makes teaching and researching in this department enjoyable and rewarding.

"When they graduate from our program, I hope that my students..."

 are leaders in promoting and progressing the field of athletic training, with their knowledge and their actions, though out the nation and in a wide array of settings.


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