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Athletic Training Clinical Expectations

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  1. Athletic Training Students should always conduct themselves in a very professional manner, in and out of the athletic training room.
  2. When in the athletic training room or affiliated site, keep all interpersonal interaction strictly professional.
  3. Treat all student-athletes, coaches and other individuals encountered equally and with respect.
  4. Athletic Training Students should display a positive attitude toward their clinical and academic experiences, faculty and staff, peers, athletic training faculty/staff, medical staff, student-athletes and coaches.
  5. No Athletic Training Student is allowed to eat or drink in any area of the athletic training room that serves a patient care function. Smoking and use of oral tobacco are strictly prohibited!
  6. Students will promptly attend all classes, in-services, guest speaker presentations and clinical assignments.
  7. The athletic training dress code will be followed at all times.
  8. Students DO NOT make referrals to team physicians, chiropractors, dentists, etc. nor contact such individuals and parents independently. They should refer ALL injuries to a certified staff member to determine the next course of action.
  9. Due to the variety of sports and student-athletes that students deal with, Athletic Training Students are highly visible people. What occurs outside of the athletic training environment may reflect directly on the profession and the program. Think before you do something that may reflect negatively on you, your peers, the Athletic Training Education Program, the Department of Kinesiology and Health, athletic department or UW Oshkosh.
  10. Athletic Training Students should comply with and enforce all athletic training room rules and regulations. If a student encounters a student-athlete who is not in compliance with rules, a certified staff member should be informed so appropriate action can be taken.
  11. Students should not use the athletic training rooms as a place to store personal items. Lockers and other options are available for the storage of clothing and other items while the student is in one of the athletic training rooms. There is not enough room for everyone's belongings.
  12. Athletic Training Students are only allowed to leave when they are dismissed by a certified staff member. No exceptions!
  13. All of the aforementioned policies are in effect for Affiliated Site (Off Campus) placements unless their policies and rules state otherwise. All additional policies and procedures should be adhered to.

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