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Kinesiology Advising

When students declare the Kinesiology Major (either by entering the University or changing their major) their official major title will be "Kinesiology-Undeclared".  When students declare an Athletic Training Major they automatically enter the pre-professional program.  In either case, students will be assigned an advisor from the UARC (Univeristy Advising Resource Center).  This advisor is equipped to help the student choose courses to begin studying in the Kinesiology Major.  Students should meet with their assigned advisor from the UARC at least once per semester.

After students are accepted into the Kinesiology Program they must choose an emphasis area (Exercise & Fitness or Healthcare-Science or Strength & Conditioning).  Then the students will be assigned a faculty advisor.  Students are expected to schedule a meeting with their faculty advisor each semester, approximately one week prior to their registration date.   The student should contact the faculty advisor via email and provide approximately 3 times to meet.   

 When students arrive at the meeting with the advisor they should bring :

an updated STAR report,

their 4-year plan (that was developed in Orientation to Kinesiology, 77-121),

and a list of courses they plan to take the following semester. 


Most advising meetings take approximately 30 minutes.


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