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Tips for the Online Portfolio

The department of Kinesiology requires all students to submit their application online.  This includes all Kinesiology emphases and the Athletic Training students.

*For any specific questions about how to use the online portfolio website, please contact UW-Oshkosh Career Services (424-2181 or in Dempsey 230)

To prepare your online portfolio:  (it is recommended that you use Firefox or Safari instead of Internet Explorer at this time)

  1. Go to UW-Oshkosh's Career Services Website (
  2. Click on TitanJobs - at this point if you have never used TitanJobs before you will need to complete the information for your account.  It may take up to 48 hours for this information to be uploaded to the server.  Do this step early!
    If you need you account to be activated right away you can call CAREER SERVICES.
  3. Click on My Account
  4. Click on MyFolio21
  5. Create a new Portfolio
    (when it asks you if you want to use a template - click CANCEL)
  6. You will want to insert all documents and files in the design stage and edit all image files to 910 pixels wide. You can insert more documents on when you do final edits at the end, but it is easier to upload all of them in the beginning.
  7. In the portfolio, you must create PDF files for whatever documents your portfolio requires. You should then scan the documents to have an image file as well.  You can scan everything in Career Services or campus labs.
    *You may also want to upload all components of your portfolio as an image file (for example a *.jpg file type) as well as a pdf file because the committee members prefer this.
  8. Make sure that you publish your portfolio. (Check box) You can choose if you would like to use an email prompt or invitation only for access to the portfolio. You may also want to allow for feedback.  This way if your portfolio is not complete (before the deadline) a friend may be able to tell you so you can make the appropriate changes in time. You should also check to allow the Career Center to have access in case any issues arise.
  9. When you are ready to turn in your portfolio send an email the admissions committee (email list) with the web address for your portfolio.

Questions about the instructions for the online portfolio should be directed to UW-Oshkosh Career Services.  Prepare your portfolio early so that you are ready to post the information well before the deadline.

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