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Admission to the Program

This Emphasis area is only available to students in the program before Fall 2009.  If you are a student who is transferring to the major in Fall 2009 or after please click here.



Students wishing to major in Exercise Science must complete an admissions process.  Formal acceptance into the program is necessary prior to beginning any 300- or 400-level courses within the Exercise Science program. 

The admission process begins with Introduction to Exercise Science course (55-250).  This introductory course is the first course in the Kinesiology Department all students should take.  The course will introduce students to the basic terms and concepts of Kinesiology, sub-disciplines of Kinesiology, and career opportunities.  In addition, students will develop a map to completing a degree in Kinesiology.

Students are allowed to submit an Admittance Portfolio following the successful completion of the following*:  

 Grade of C or better for the following courses:

    • Biological Concepts (26-105)
    • Anatomy (26-211)
    • General Psychology (86-101)
    • Introductory Sociology (92-101)

Grade of B or better for the following courses:

    • Introduction to Health Promotion & Exercise Science (55-250)
    • Active Lifestyle (77-105)

Note:  The grades listed above are the minimum requirements.  Admission to the program is competitive.  One who meets the minimums may not gain entry to the program

*Students may apply for admittance while the above listed courses are in progress.  Admittance, however, is dependent upon the student’s grade in each course.  If an application is submitted while any of the above courses are in progress the student must provide a second STAR report to the Selection Committee after grades are final. 


 The Admittance Portfolio must include the following:

  1. A formal cover letter, addressed to the Exercise Science Selection Committee, stating why you desire to be admitted into the Exercise Science Program.  The letter should also include your qualifications, your academic objectives, and any additional information that you feel will help the Selection Committee evaluate your portfolio.  Your letter must not exceed one page in length.
  2. A formal resume including the following :
    Education section
    Experience section
    any appropriate Honors and/or Activities
    Skills section
    and a listing of two possible references.
  3. A copy of your current STAR Report with the following information highlighted: 
    Overall GPA
    Grades in the classes listed below
    (highlight these values in the PHYSICAL EDUCATION EXERCISE SCIENCE & HEALTH PROMOTION section only): 
    - Biological Concepts - Unity (26-105)
    - Human Anatomy (26-211)
    - General Psychology (86-101)
    - Introductory Sociology (92-101)
    - Introduction to Exercise Science (55-250)
    - The Active Lifestyle (77-105)
  4. Admittance Paper.  Include the following:
    • Your experiences in the Kinesiology field, including some information regarding coursework, jobs, volunteer opportunities, and/or direct participation in the field.  How have you benefited from these experiences?  Did any experiences influence your thinking, understanding, and/or appreciation of the Kinesiology field?
    • Your expectations of the Exercise Science program, including what you hope to accomplish, and the knowledge, skills, & abilities you hope to acquire or improve following completion of the Exercise Science program. 
    • The value and benefits of life-long learning.  Provide concrete examples of your dedication to being a life-long learner.
    • Career goals.  Identify how the Exercise Science program will contribute to your career choice.
    • In addition, your paper should reflect your personality, feelings, aspirations, and enthusiasm toward Kinesiology. 

The paper may not exceed two pages in length.  Grammar, spelling and organization will be strongly considered when the admissions committee evaluates the paper.    

Students who wish to be considered for admittance must email the members of the admission committee with a link to their portfolio by 3:00 p.m. on the Friday following the last day of classes.


Please address your cover letter to:
Exercise Science Selection Committee
Department of Kinesiology   
Albee 108
University of Wisconsin Oshkosh
Oshkosh, WI  54901


All applications will be reviewed and evaluated within three weeks following the fall and spring semester.  Students will receive formal notification of the selection committee’s decision of acceptance or decline no later than four weeks following the semester.  The information will be sent to your University email address.  

Students who are not admitted to the Exercise Science program are encouraged to reply for admittance during future semesters, however, will not be allowed to complete the required 300- and 400-level Kinesiology courses until admitted. 

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