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Teaching Resources

Lesson Plans, Teaching Aids and Conference Speaker Materials (Members only)

NEWSPA has added lesson plans, Powerpoints and materials from conference speakers to help you teach about a variety of journalism topics. This is a members-only benefit, so you'll need to type in your username and password that was emailed to you when you paid your membership dues for the school year. Contact Executive Secretary Barbara Benish at if you have questions or technical problems. Click here to go to the Lesson Plan page.


Missed a speaker at the 2013 conference? No worry. Click the play button and select which session you would like to watch.


Missed a speaker at the 2012 conference? Just click the play button and select which session you'd like to watch.

If you missed a speaker during the a previous NEWSPA conference, you can still hear what they had to say. All you need is iTunes and a few clicks.

2011 Conference

Dr. Sara Steffes-Hansen, Your Love of Social Media Can Land You a Job (Download the Podcast)

Dr. Julie Henderson, Want to Work for Paris Hilton - Public Relations (Download the Podcast)

Jess Zimmerman, Baseless Accusations: How to Survive a Libel Suit (Download the Podcast)

Kevin Rau, Yearbook Design and Elements (Download the Podcast)

2010 Conference

Brad Ziburg, The Heckler Having Fun by Picking on Chicago Sports Teams (Download the Podcast)

Wendy Falk, Journalism 101: The Basics of Journalistic Writing (Download the Podcast)

2009 Conference

Lindsey Thomas, From NEWSPA to MTV News and Beyond (Download the Podcast)

Ben Poston, What Does it Take to Become a Pulitzer Prize Investigative Reporter? (Download the Podcast)

Mike DeSisti, Mobile Journalism II: Covering News on the Go (Download the Podcast)

Rebecca Sullivan, Yearbook Layout and Design Elements (Download the Podcast)

2008 Conference

Jim VandeHei, Politico (Download the Podcast)

Sara Hansen, Media Convergence (Download the Podcast)


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