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Updates on journalism courses

Course actions in effect since fall 2007

Five new emphases:
Students declaring a journalism major will now use the new curriculum. The emphases under this curriculum are: Writing/Editing, Public Relations, Advertising, Visual and Media Studies.

Courses that have been eliminated:
425 Public Relations Practicum
493 Corporate Electronic Media

Course cross-listed with Radio-TV-Film:
312 Media Ethics

A study-abroad course is offered every other summer:
380 International Press/Comparative Mass Communications Systems

New courses:
451 Online Publishing
319 Planning and Management Case Studies in Public Relations
340 New and Emerging Media
440 Application of New and Emerging Media

Name changes of journalism courses:
472 Research in Strategic Communication (previously Media Research)
455 Public Relations Campaign (Previously Case Studies in Public Relations)
341 Media and Society (Previously Press and Society)
441 Interpretive and Persuasive Writing (Previously Interpretive Writing and In-Depth Reporting)
331 Visual Media Design (Previously Graphic Arts of the Print Media)

Name changes of Non Journalism Required Courses:

204 Principles of Macroeconomics (Previously 207 Principles of Economics II, Macro)
206 Principles of Microeconomics (Previously 206 Principles of Economics I, Micro)

Number changes of journalism courses:
430 Photo II (Previously 339)

*Check with journalism advisers for information about the descriptions and pre-requisites of the courses listed above.

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