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Multimedia Equipment for Loan


The department offers multimedia equipment for loan to students, faculty and staff. With the exception of studio equipment, equipment may be loaned out by instructors in accordance with the department’s loan procedure.

The following is a list of equipment. Some equipment comes with manuals, and instructional links are included with some equipment. Users should be aware that it is easy to damage this expensive equipment. It is the user’s responsibility to handle the equipment properly, and it is the user’s responsibility to understand how the equipment works.

The studio may be used for video recordings, as well. Please see Dr. Gleason to coordinate scheduling. There are two dedicated video lights, so please do not use the studio strobe lights. There is a green screen backdrop available to all users. Do not place tape or other objects on walls. Alert Dr. Gleason to any problems in the studio as soon as possible.

Students are encouraged to see Dr. Gleason or Dr. Lee if the equipment is dirty. Never clean the camera sensor.

Multimedia Equipment Loan List

Nikon Backpack 1/Nikon V2 Hybrid Set (Overseen by Dr. T. Gleason)

Nikon Backpack 2/Nikon V2 Hybrid Set (Overseen by Dr. T. Gleason)

Nikon additional lens set (Overseen by Dr. T. Gleason)

Canon XA10

(Overseen by Dr. S-Y Lee)

Canon VIXIX HV40 HD video camera (Overseen by Dr. S-Y Lee)

Canon G9 hybrid cameras with battery, charger and memory cards (Overseen by Dr. T. Gleason)
Bags 1-3 for still photography and basic video (not HD video)

Canon A hybrid cameras with battery, charger and memory cards (Overseen by Dr. T. Gleason)
Bags 4-15 for still photography and basic video (not HD video)

Manfrotto MKC3-H01tripods (2 of)

Nikon Backpacks 1 and 2

***Nikon 1 V2 body

Bag overview:

Nikon promo page:


Review of Nikon video capabilities:

Nikon manual:

***Nikon EN-EL21battery (2 of)
Please remove battery when not in use for prolonged periods. Leave batteries charged for next users.

***Nikon battery charger

***Memory card

***Nikon ME-1

Importance of quality audio:

Nikon ME-1 review:

***Nikon V2-to-microphone adapter (should stay on microphone)

***Nikon kit lens with filter
Promo page:

***Lavalier microphone

Canon Video Cameras

Canon VIXIA HV40 HD Kit

Canon VIXIA HV40 HD tutorial

***MiniSD (inserted in the camcorder)

***Two Batteries (Canon BP-2L14)

***Firewire 800 Cable

***Pearstond Mini AC/DC Battery Charger

***External Shotgun Mic (Azden SMX-10 Stereo Mic)

***Vanguard VT-128 Aluminum Tripod

Canon XA10 HD/Pearstone Case Kit

***Canon XA10 HD camera


***SanDisk 32gb U1 Class 10 card

***Lavalier microphone

***Pearstone video tripod

***Audio-Technica - AT875 Short Condenser Shotgun Microphone Kit

***Canon BP-808 batteries (2 of)

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