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Degrees and Emphasis

internal_photo4.jpgThe Interactive Web Management (IWM) major is offered as a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), a Bachelor of Science (BS) or a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree that blends facets of marketing, information systems, journalism, and computer science. The total number of credits for either degree option is 120 credits. Either option requires 42 credits of specific general education credits. For the BBA, students will be required to take 44 credits of pre-core and core courses as required for any BBA student. The BA and BS students will be required to take 24 credits of specific journalism or computer science courses, allowing them to specialize in one of these areas (the 24 credits fits nicely with the number required to take a minor) or to broaden their expertise by taking courses in both areas.

By giving students the choice to pursue a BBA, BA, or BS degree, students will have more flexibility in their general education credits as well as in the courses they take to supplement the core courses we have designed for this major.  Moreover, this flexibility allows the degree to be more appealing to students of diverse backgrounds and also adds to the interdisciplinary nature of the major.  Providing options to students, also allows them to tailor the degree to pursue different career options.



Select one of the following to view a complete lay out of the curriculum for the three degree options.

Four-Year Planning Sheets


Web Presence Management Emphasis

Click here to learn more about this option for business majors not enrolled in the IWM major.



Here are links to minors that would complement a major in Interactive Web Management. For those pursuing the BA or BS option, a minor fits nicely with the requirement to take at least 24 credits of Computer Science and/or Journalism courses.

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