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PeopleSoft Project Migration Requests

for PeopleSoft programmers requesting that projects be moved between PeopleSoft instances

Please be sure to copy and paste everything below when you submit a new request

Description of Project/Changes:

Online Help can be view at:

Please, move the following items for Version 9 from PGM into QUA.




Build/Alter Tables/Views:
[  ] All in project
[  ] Only those listed:

Build/Alter SQL:


Online Help:
[  ] If checked, 
        Run F:\AdminComp\WorkRequests\GA_PeopleSoftGeneral\GA015\Scripts\z_ga015_ex.dms in PGM to export online help data.
        Run F:\AdminComp\WorkRequests\GA_PeopleSoftGeneral\GA015\Scripts\z_ga015_im.dms in QUA/PRD to import online help data.


  1. Developer sends a request by email to Paul, Patti and User to migrate items into QUA.  Include the title of the project in the Subject.
  2. Paul checks items against the standards and notifies Developer of any problems.  (Return to Step 1 if changes are needed.)
  3. Paul migrates items to QUA.
  4. Paul replies by email to Developer and User, adding a done message to the request.
  5. User tests in QUA and notifies Developer of any problems.  (Return to Step 1 if changes are needed.)
  6. User replies by email to Paul and Developer, adding a ready for PRD message to the request.
  7. Paul migrates items to PRD.
  8. Paul replies by email to User and Developer, adding another done message to the request.

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