UW Oshkosh


The Institute was formed in 2004, but is in important ways beginning anew this year. A number of the founding members of our Board of Academic Advisors have moved on new places and new challenges. Dean Michael Zimmerman—in many ways the person most responsible for creating the Institute—is at Butler University in Indiana. Prof. Edward Linenthal is at the University of Indiana, where he edits the Journal of American History. Dr. Thomas Bickford is in Washington, thinking in the world of think tanks about all things Chinese. Lt. Col. Anthony Blando has retired from active duty. Dr. Helen Bannan, Director of the Women’s Studies Program, is still with us but has announced her retirement effective at the end of this academic year.

Continuity is provided by our remaining original Board members. Dr. Simon Sibelman, TRISS Endowed Professor of French and Holocaust Studies, Dr. Kenneth Greib, Coordinator of the International Studies program, and Dr. Lane Earns, Provost and Vice-Chancellor, were all members of the original ISRVM Board of Academic Advisors, and all will remain with the Institute as it enters a new phase of growth.

As part of this development process, the Institute is very proud to welcome its newest Board members: