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Regional Awards

The UW-Oshkosh Model UN team has won an average of two Outstanding Delegation awards at the Midwest Model United Nations competition for the past 24 years.


The 2016 Award Winning Team at Midwest Model United Nations Competition  


Award Winning Countries at Midwest Model United Nations Competition.



Country Represented


Country Represented

 2016 Mexico     
2015 Bangladesh and Italy 2001 Morocco and Malaysia
2014 China and Germany 2000 PR of China and Egypt
2013 Indonesia 1999 Chile and Saudi Arabia
2012 Chile 1998 Malaysia and Lebanon
2011 Peru and Mongolia 1997 USA and India
2010 Italy and Malaysia 1996 Thailand and Spain
2009 France and Chile 1995 Indonesia and Uganda
2008 Germany 1994 PR of China and Italy
2007 Bangladesh and Canada 1993 India, Togo, and Honduras
2006 Malaysia and Denmark 1992 USA, Botswana, and Bahrain
2005 India and Sweden 1991 Algeria and Burkina Faso
2004 Ireland and Vietnam 1990 PR of China and Niger
2003 USA and DRC 1989 Ghana and Oman
2002 Brazil 1988 Morocco and Nigeria



At the Midwest Model UN UW-Oshkosh has represented countries from every region of the globe. Between Midwest Model UN and National Model UN, UW-Oshkosh has represented multiple countries from each region, as reflected by this map with the colored in countries indicating the countries UW-Oshkosh has represented.


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